Fresh Breath Day – Kisses for Everyone!

Yesterday was “Fresh Breath Day”  An entire day devoted to nice clean breath!  Fresh breath is important for all of us – people and dogs.  You get more kisses when you have good clean breath.  And we love kisses!

I bet the fuzzy kids at your house love kisses too.  Do they get turned away because of bad breath?  Stinky breath can be a bummer.  Don’t give up hope – there are things you can do.

One way that my family keeps my breath fresh is by feeding me a raw diet.  I eat raw chicken or beef, fresh fruits and veggies and for a snack I get raw meaty bones.  All this chewing and crunching is good for my teeth!  And healthier all around without all the preservatives or other stuff in dog food.  Here is a good website that my mom used to help find the best things for me to eat.

I know that not everyone is cool with feeding raw foods, so another fresh breath idea is to brush your dogs teeth – don’t let them share your toothpaste though, it can upset their stomach!  You can also give them good tough toys to chew on.  We like bones and antlers the best! Glynne’s Soaps also makes a Breath Spray for Dogs (it also has tarter control). You still may need to have your vet do occasional teeth cleaning (your mom or dad can ask at your next doctors visit) but brushing, hard things to chew and other preventative measures can help limit how often you’ll need a teeth cleaning.

Keeping our teeth clean can help our bad breath and then there can be more kisses for everyone!


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Carolina Beach Farmers Market

Last Saturday was the kickoff for the 2012 season of the Carolina Beach Farmers Market.  Located around the lake in Carolina Beach, this market is the perfect place to spend your Saturday mornings this summer.

There is a wide variety of vendors offering everything from local produce to freshly made cinnamon rolls.  You can also find skin care, photography, jewelry, yard art and a host of other items all made locally.  Visit their website for a complete list of vendors.  And of course, Glynne’s Soaps will be there.

As you are out enjoying the beach weather, please stop by and say hello!  Wrigley would love to see you!

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Farmer’s Markets are Great


Hi everyone!  It’s me Marshall, the new assistant sales manager at Glynne’s Soaps.  Everyone else is hard at work and not paying attention to me, so I’m hijacking the computer to write a blog post.  I’ve been working at Glynne’s Soaps for about 4 months now and am getting the hang of how things work.  There are lots of perks including cookies, snuggles and regular baths with a great soap.  (=

As I learn more about working at Glynne’s Soaps, I am getting to participate more in the business. One of the best things Wrigley and I get to do is go to the farmers market.  Going to market is great fun because there are all sorts of people who are very interested in paying attention to me.  Sometimes they don’t know they want to pet me, but I make sure they get to anyway.

Marshall & Friends

Just yesterday I was at the Leland Farmer’s Market and the vendor set up next to us had three boys that were the perfect ages for playing with.  The four of us found an open area where we wouldn’t disturb people and ran and ran.  We took a few snuggle breaks and made sure to get lots of water, but mostly we ran.  I’m still exhausted from my adventure, but it sure was fun.

There is still time to come see the Glynne’s Soaps staff at a local farmers market.  Wrigley and I go as often as we can.  We are at the Carolina Beach Farmer’s Market every Saturday from 8-1 and at the Leland Farmer’s Market every other Sunday from 11-3.  The markets are a great place to get Glynne’s Soaps products, local foods and crafts.  We can’t wait to see you!

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Love a Pet Fair – Wrigley’s TV Debut

The entire staff of Glynne’s Soaps was out of the office on Monday to attend the 2nd annual Love A Pet Fair put on by New Hanover County Animal Control.  The purpose of the event was to bring pet lovers together with groups that can help them care for their pets in the best way possible.  And of course we were there warning pet owners of the dangers of topical pesticide flea treatments and offering an all natural alternative.

Without a doubt, Wrigley was a hit.  We enjoyed being able to see him on the news that night in his television debut.  He can also be seen in this video created by Tom Grady who writes the Cape Fear Critters blog for the Wilmington Star News.

It is never to early to start thinking about summer and flea season. This year, protect your pet with Franklyn’s All Natural Dog Soap instead of harmful pesticides. It will be safer for your entire family.

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