Why we make All Natural Dog Soap

It won’t surprise you to find we spend a lot of time talking to people about soap We are passionate about all our products (if we don’t believe in it, we won’t make it). We are especially passionate about our dog soaps and our new product, Fido Fresh.

The dog products are personal for us.  Why make dog soap is still a very easy question to answer and yet the most difficult to put into words. It is still in a lot of ways an open wound for both us.  We have told the story so much, you might think the hurt would be gone, but it is not. We may never recover from the belief that our actions killed our dog.


It began several years ago, and yet it was quite sometime before we really grasped the relevance. Here is our story: It begins with fleas. Yep, the common everyday flea. If you have a dog then you probably have faced the dreaded flea. We live in a warm climate (near Wilmington, NC) and fleas are our nemesis. We have always had dogs and therefore always been on the front line in the war on fleas. It seems like a simple matter. Go to the vet pick up the latest and greatest in flea treatment. Come home, put on rubber gloves and administer between your beloved’s shoulder blades. Only our dog Franklyn got sick each and every time we did this “treatment”.  Within a week, we would be at the vet and he would be diagnosed with pancreatitis. Home we would come a few hundred dollars lighter with antibiotics and a “special diet”. Later, after doing our own research we came to the conclusion that the flea treatments we were giving him to “help him” were poisoning him. In fact, we believe that it eventually killed him.

Topical Flea Treatments

The ingredients found in the topical flea treatments are long and difficult to pronounce. They include things like fipronil, ethonal, polyvinlpyrrolidone, butylhydroxytoluene and carbitol. The last four ingredients are listed on the packaging as “inert”. Makes them sound harmless, doesn’t it? However, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the inert ingredients on topical flea treatments seem to be MORE TOXIC than the active ingredients. The EPA highly regulates the active ingredients in a product, but there is barely any regulation of the inert ingredients.

This is allowed to happen because the inert ingredients are thought of as the “secret recipe” and are allowed to be kept hidden from other companies that might steal that recipe. What are some of the health effects seen from these pesticides that we so eagerly put on our pets? Well, fipronil can cause organ damage, thyroid cancer and damage to the nervous system. Ethanol can cause birth defects. Butylhydroxytoluene causes cancer, and carbitol can cause nerve and organ damage.

So, what is the alternative? Living with fleas is dangerous in its own right and, let’s face it, annoying for everyone. The safest way to keep pesticides off your pet and keep them flea free is to use a comprehensive approach including herbal supplements, cleaning with all natural soaps and essential oils that repel bugs, and other environmentally friendly pest control alternatives. So, we make all natural dog soap to keep our fur kids safe from harmful chemicals and also to hopefully keep others from having to go through the same agony that we endured.

Diatomaceous Earth is a Powder

We have adopted a three step process to keep our yard, house and kids (ie pups) free from fleas.   It is all natural, safe for everyone (except the fleas) and is relatively easy.  Our yard is treated with food grade diatomaceous earth.  Diatomaceous earth contains the fossilized remains of diatoms, which are a type of hard shelled algae.  When fleas come in contact with this fine powder, it dehydrates them and they die, but the food grade version is very safe for dogs, cats, children, etc.  It can be sprinkled all over the yard.

In the house, we use borax.  Borax will break down the cell walls of the fleas, killing them instantly.  It can be sprinkled on carpets, bedding and furniture.  Leave the borax for a few hours and then vacuum thoroughly.  Make sure you throw out the vacuum cleaner bag so any fleas that might have survived can’t get back out into the house.  This should be repeated every two weeks for 6-8 weeks as the gestational period for fleas is two weeks and the repeat treatment will take care of any fleas eggs that might have been left behind.

For the third step of the process, we wash our dog using Franklyn’s All Natural Dog Soap.  Because it contains eucalyptus and tea tree essential oils, it is the most effective at killing fleas and keeping them from returning*.  Between baths, you can spray Fido Fresh on your dog and anywhere they like to sleep.  Fido Fresh contains essential oils that will keep your dog smelling great between baths and also keep the fleas away*.

*The FDA has not evaluated statements regarding the uses of essential oils or other ingredients. Glynne’s Soaps makes no claims regarding the use of these essential oils.

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Spring has Sprung

The last few days have been beautiful – warm, sunny  Spring days. Although here in Southeast North Carolina with temperatures topping 88 degrees, some of us feel we have just sprung into summer!  These beautiful days you want to spend as much time outside as possible.  Unfortunately, nice warm days also bring the summer bugs.  I got my first mosquito bite yesterday while spending some time enjoying the weather.

Of course, in our house, we are far more concerned with how the bugs affect our four-legged fuzzy children than we are with how they bother us.  Spring weather means fleas.  If you haven’t read the story about our fight against the flea, check it out here and here.   We have successfully been able to win the war against fleas will all natural products.  Products that are safe for our dogs, ourselves and the environment.  This is our battle plan:

First, we use an all natural soap to bathe our boys regularly.  Franklyn’s is a good choice because it contains Eucalyptus and Tea Tree essential oils which are both great at repelling fleas.  The Tea Tree oil has the added benefit of being a natural antiseptic so it will help ease the pain and itching from any flea bites.  Roxy’s is also very effective at fighting fleas.  If you can’t decide, you can always get a sample stack which includes a one ounce bar of each of our dog soaps.

To get rid of any fleas in the house, we use Borax.  It can be found in the grocery store with the laundry detergent.  We sprinkle the powder on the carpet, sofas, chairs, beds, etc.,  rub it in with a dry broom and let it sit for a few hours.  Then just vacuum it up.  Borax will suck out all the moisture from the fleas and kill them.

For the outside, we use food grade diatomaceous earth.  It is very important to buy the food grade material and not what you find at a pool store.  The diatomaceous earth at the pool store contains silica which makes the dust harmful if inhaled.  We sprinkle it all over the yard.  The small sharp crystals will literally poke holes in the fleas, killing them.  It also works for other crawling bugs – roaches, ticks, bed bugs, beetles and more.

We have been using this approach for the past year and a half and have had less problems with fleas then ever before.  We encourage you to fight fleas all naturally this year.  You, your pet and your environment will be better off. In our next post we will discuss the options for dealing with the pesky bugs which are out to bite you.

On another note, it is time to announce the winner of our Soap on the Run contest.  Congratulations to Amy whose comment was “I bought my first soap at the WB marathon expo and I love it. I am a walker not a runner so I will walk (but very fast) away from the soaps I have been currently using. Thank you for producing a product that I can buy locally.”  Send us an e-mail Amy with your address so we can get you your Soap in the Run.  Thanks to everyone who entered – be on the lookout for our next contest coming soon.

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Our Mission to Safely Fight the Flea

Our baby, Franklyn

Our baby, Franklyn

As you may know, our company started with a mission.  We had a dog, Franklyn, who died because of topical flea treatment.  We decided then and there that the pain of watching him decline and die because of something we gave him was not something we ever wanted to go through again.  Nor did we want anyone else to have to experience it.  So, after loads of research and reading, we came up with an all natural soap that contains essential oils that have been shown to be effective in treating – killing fleas.  We named the soap after Franklyn and are passionate about sharing his story and our all natural alternative with as many people as we can.  Since then we have developed four additional dog soaps that have different essential oils with different properties.  All five are great for your dog’s skin.

Now it seems that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is starting to do some investigating   into the dangers (to pets and humans) of the pesticides found in topical flea treatments.  This investigating has come about because of the increased number of reported adverse reactions that people’s pets are having to the treatments.  The EPA is looking at data relating to the adverse reaction reports, the product directions and warning labels, ingredients and safety data submitted to the EPA by the companies.  This evaluation could lead to the EPA requiring changes of the companies that produce these pesticides.

The EPA is looking in to how these flea treatments can also have an adverse affect on any small children in home.  About half of all dog owners have children as well.  They are testing the transfer of the chemicals from a dog’s fur to anyone that pets or snuggles him/her.  And not only are they testing the effects this will have on the skin, but also internally as small children have a tendency to put their hands in their mouths.  They anticipate that the study will show that the levels of toxins children are exposed to due to topical flea treatment will be substantial, reaching levels that are at the outer limit of what is safe for adults.

They have also issued a statement containing information about how to keep your pet safer when using these flea treatments.  They contain some good information, however, the only way to keep the dangerous chemicals from harming your family (both two legged and four legged) is to keep the topical pesticides out of your home all together.  Go to our website today and get a safe alternative to the harmful chemicals that are found in topical flea treatments. You too can get rid of fleas all naturally!

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