California Cool – Product Spotlight

It seems like summer is in full swing here in Wilmington, NC, and that means hot humid days (and nights).  When you are hot and sticky, a refreshing shower with a nice light soap can be marvelous.

Glynne’s Soaps All Natural California Cool is just that soap.  Made with fresh cucumber juice and lime essential oil is perfect for those warm summer days.  The cucumber juice is fresh squeezed at the time it is needed for the soap.  Nothing is added to it.  It is loaded with antioxidants that are very beneficial for your skin.  The lime essential oil is cooling and has the added bonus of working to tone and firm up muscles and tissues.  Perfect for swimsuit season.

California Cool All Natural Soap is gentle and moisturizing.  It won’t dry your skin or leave you feeling like you need to load up on lotion after your shower.  Its light crisp scent and feel will help you beat the summer heat.

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All Natural Tranquility Soap (Product Spotlight)

Are you one of those people that takes a bath before bed to relax?  When I was growing up, it was my grandmother’s “cure all”.  ”Just take a bath and go to bed”, she would often say.  If this describes you….we have just the thing you need to wash the worries of the day right down the drain.

Glynne’s Soaps All Natural Tranquility Soap is made with lavender and chamomile essential oils.  Both of these oils are well known for their relaxing qualities.  A study performed in England in 2009 demonstrated the anti-anxiety effects of lavender essential oil.  Studies have also been done to show the effects of chamomile essential oil as a sleep aid.

The relaxation benefits of these two oils are well known and documented.  In our Tranquility soap, they are carefully blended and used to create the perfect soap for winding down at the end of a long hard day.

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Lavender Pillow Spray – Product Spotlight

Do you ever have those nights where you just toss and turn and can’t get to sleep? It feels like your mind is racing and you can’t turn it off.

Glynne’s Soaps has the answer. Our all natural lavender pillow spray is designed to help you get to sleep quickly and wake refreshed. It has been proven in scientific studies that lavender eases anxiety and insomnia. Users also report that, after sniffing lavender right before bed they wake up feeling more energetic. Researchers have seen that lavender increases the amount of deep slumber which allows your brain to recharge.

Our pillow spray is made with therapeutic grade lavender essential oil and other all natural ingredients and will help you fall asleep faster and sleep better. If you are fighting insomnia, get some today. Your pillow will thank you.

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Product Spotlight

Alongside giving you important information regarding the benefits of using all natural products for yourself, your family and your pets, we like to, on occasion, highlight some of the products that we offer and give some additional, in depth information about them.

California Cool Soap – We frequently get asked if we have a soap that is a good facial cleanser.  We always point people toward our California Cool soap because it is made with fresh cucumber juice and lime essential oil.  The fresh cucumber is very beneficial for your skin.  They are an excellent source of silica.  Silica is a trace mineral that is helpful in building and strengthening the connective tissue that holds our bodies together.  Because of this, it can help in the reduction of wrinkles and promote smooth skin.  Cucumber is also a good source of caffeic and ascorbic acids which prevent water retention and decrease puffiness.

Lime essential oil acts as an astringent which increases and skin tone.  It also will detoxify and clear the skin of any toxic materials and oils.

California Cool is a soothing gentle soap that makes a great face soap.

Wrigley’s Dog Soap – Wrigley’s soap contains Cedarwood essential oil.  Cedar is a fresh smelling essential oil that is great for stinky dogs.  Bathing your dog with Wrigley’s soap will kill the bad smell and leave everyone happy.  Cedar essential oil also will relax and calm your dog and it does have flea repelling properties.

Wrigley’s Dog Soap is the best choice to get rid of that stinky dog smell.

Both these soaps, along with all our other products, can be found on our website.

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