Local Shopping available this Saturday at The Pleasure Island Fresh Market and the Handmade Pop-Up Market

Did you know that there are only 17 more days until Christmas!  I know, it seems impossible, but it’s true!  That means you need to get out this weekend and get some shopping done!

And we know of two great places where you can find a wide variety of Christmas gifts, including all natural skin care products that were all made locally.  So you can get the perfect things for those on your list and support your community at the same time.  What could be better?

There are two opportunities this weekend for you to purchase from local folks, and Glynne’s Soaps will be at both locations.

The first is the Pleasure Island Fresh Market.  Located at the Carolina Beach Marina, this market showcases local vendors that carry jewelry  pastries, all natural soaps and more.

The other event is the Handmade Wilmington Pop Up Market.  This market will be located in the parking lot of the Hanover Shopping Center on the corner of Oleander and Independence.  It’s another great place to find holiday gifts.

We hope to see you at one (or both) of these locations tomorrow!  We will be happy to help you find something for everyone on your list.

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Where We Have Been

2011 was a great year for Glynne’s Soaps.  We have grown and expanded in almost every area.

New Products

Our product line is always growing.  Some new things that were developed in 2011 include:

Glynne's Soaps NoZes & ToZes Paw Balm

Glynne's Soaps Llama Loofah

    Llama Loofahs – available in 2 scents, these unique exfoliating soaps caused quite a stir
    Simply Olive Oil soaps – made with 100% olive oil, these soaps are very moisturizing and come in three scents – lavender, lemon balm and unscented

    Flip Flop Balm – for flip flop friendly feet, these are a hit during the summer
    Rescue Lip Balm – a carob flavored lip balm that gives back, proceeds go to dalmatian rescue
    NoZes & ToZes - balm for your canine friend’s dry nose and feet
    Breath Spray for Dogs – an effective all natural spray for your dog’s breath, reduces tartar as well

New Festivals

Gayle & Marshall at Riverfest

In addition to the Carolina Beach Farmer’s Market, Pleasure Island Fresh Market and other festivals, in 2011 we also participated in the Leland Farmer’s Market, Azalea Festival, Riverfest, Wilma’s Holiday Expo and a larger number of fairs and festivals.  Look for this to increase again in 2012.

New Locations

Glynne’s Soaps also expanded our number of wholesale locations to include places like The Veggie Wagon, Carolina Farmin‘, Artful Living Group and more.    We also were accepted to be a part of Abe’s Market, an all natural online marketplace. You can see a full list of our locations in the sidebar to the right.

New Staff

How Can I Help You?

In March of 2011, we added a new employee.  Marshall joined us from Kentucky to become the Assistant Sales Manager.  If you visited us at a farmer’s market, you might have had the privilege of meeting either him or Wrigley.  Getting out and meeting

Thank You For Visiting Glynne's Soaps

our customers is one of their favorite activities.

Thank you all for participating with us in our journey.  We are looking forward to the new things that 2012 has in store for us.  Stay tuned for our next post “Where We Are Going” to get the inside scoop on some things that are coming in the new year.

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Are You Ready for Summer?

I don’t know about you, but I am ready for warmer weather and long sunny days.  We had our first festival of the season last weekend and spending the day outside was wonderful.  Even though it was still a bit chilly, it was a preview of the nice weather that is just around the corner.

Your mind might be ready for the summer, but is your skin?  There are things you can do that will help get those areas of your body that have been under wraps for a few months ready to shine.

  • Exfoliate – Nothing gets your skin silky smooth like removing all the dead skin cells.
  • Moisturize – Keep your skin soft with a good all natural lotion which will add moisture but none of the artificial chemicals.  Choose your favorite from Glynne’s Soaps variety of natural products.  And don’t forget your lips, they need moisturizing too.  Glynne’s Soaps has a line of all natural, petroleum free lip balms, including some with zinc oxide to protect your lips from the sun’s rays.
  • Firm up cellulite.  Using skin products containing caffeine has been shown to reduce cellulite and firm up areas that might be a bit saggy.  Before you get in to that swim suit, make sure you are showering with Glynne’s Soaps Java Scrub, an all natural soap made with coffee.  You should notice a difference before that first pool party.

Don’t let the summer sneak up on you.  Start getting ready now so you can fully enjoy the season and all it has to offer.  Glynne’s Soaps will be at the Pleasure Island Fresh Market starting Saturday, March 19th.  Come see us.

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Farmer’s Markets – not just for Farmers

The dictionary defines a Farmer’s Market as a “group of stalls and booths where farmers and sometimes other vendors sell their products directly to the consumer”. Farmer’s Markets have become a very popular way to purchase natural, fresh and local alternatives to many things that are usually purchased in grocery stores or other big box stores.  They also draw communities together.  Jenn’s father would go to his local farmer’s market religiously every Wednesday morning.  He rarely returned with any purchases, but was able to spend time interacting with members of his community.

A report put out recently by the USDA states that the number of farmer’s markets operating in the US increased 16% in 2010.  This means that there are currently over 6,000 markets operating in America.   There are many benefits to this type of shopping.  Buy purchasing locally, you know where your food is coming from.  In many instances, you can interact directly with the person who produced the product you are buying.  The people selling most likely are environmentally conscious and concerned about the health dangers of eating processed food and the dangers of chemicals and pesticides.

Glynne’s Soaps has been gearing up for the Farmer’s Market season of 2011.  We will be participating in at least four markets this year, the first of which opens on March 19th in Carolina Beach.  The Pleasure Island Fresh Market will run for 6 weeks this spring at the marina in Carolina Beach.  Beginning in April we will also be at the Poplar Grove Farmer’s Market on Wednesday morning and the Leland Farmer’s Market every other Sunday.  And beginning in May, you can find us at the Carolina Beach Farmer’s Market.  For a list of the exact dates, you can check out our calendar.  And, if you happen to be out of the Wilmington area, you can search for a local market here.  You can also check out a map showing all registered Farmer’s Markets in the United States here.

If buying all natural, fresh and local products is as important to you as it is to us, make an effort to check out a Farmer’s Market in your area.  You will be glad you did.

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