The Perfect Stocking Stuffer – 5 Lip Balm for $10

When I was growing up, every year for Christmas my brother and I could count on a lip balm in our stocking.  Every year, mom would find these lip balm (I think from Avon) with calendars on the label and put them in our stockings.  Unfortunately, the lip balms were full of petroleum and other chemicals. I don’t think I ever used them, but for a while we kept them…I probably had 12 years worth. My brother and I even had a running joke, these nasty “calendar lip balms”.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love lip balm and I think lip balm make a perfect stocking stuffer, but choose a good all natural lip balm. However, I can  not say often enough how important it is to read the labels and know what you are putting on your body!  Be sure the lip balms you are giving your kids, friends or other family members contain no petroleum, parabens or other artificial flavors /colors!

That’s why, our second  DoorSoapbuster Spectacular Sale is for our all natural petroleum free lip balm.

From now through Thursday, you can purchase 5 lip balm for only $10. That is a savings of 33%!

All of our lip balm are made with all natural ingredients and contain no petroleum, parabens or ANYTHING artificial.  They are extremely moisturizing and perfect for dry winter lips.

These all natural lip balm make perfect stocking stuffers or you can tie them  on a package with the bow  for a terrific addition.

There are many all natural flavors to choose from; blueberry, spearmint and tea tree, orange dreamsicle, mocha, or lavender honey, so you can find something that everyone on your list will enjoy.

Head to our website and use coupon code STOCKING to get yours today.

Fine Print: This offer can not be combined with any other offer. Customer is responsible for any applicable tax or shipping. Yada Yada

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Things to do in Downtown Wilmington – Front Street Brewery

There is a place downtown that we spend quite a lot of time at.  They have good food, a great atmosphere and a super staff.  It doesn’t hurt that every time we open a menu, we see “Glynne’s Soaps” on the first page!


Front Street Brewery makes excellent chicken nachos, ribs and french fries, along with other things.  We frequently enjoy half price appetizers in the afternoons.  The staff is very friendly and accommodating.  The location is great – right downtown with outside seating so you can enjoy people watching while you eat.  The outside seating is Wrigley’s favorite part of eating at Front Street Brewery.

Wrigley enjoying lunch at Front Street Brewery

While you are downtown enjoying some fried pickles (another one of my favorites) you can also purchase soap and lip balm made using some of Front Street Brewery’s signature beers.  Scottish Ale and IPA  are used to make soaps that are extremely moisturizing and great for your skin.  They also smell wonderful and make a great gift for anyone who enjoys beer.  The lip balm flavors include Raspberry Wheat and Scottish Ale.  The Raspberry Wheat is  full of raspberry flavor and the Scottish Ale tastes like the ale with a touch of chocolate to enhance that aspect of the flavor.

The soaps, lip balm and beer are locally made with only the finest ingredients.

If you find yourself downtown, have a meal at Front Street Brewery and take time to enjoy some of what downtown Wilmington has to offer.


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Taste The Olive – A Gourmet Shop for Everyone

Taste The Olive is a gourmet olive oil shop located in the Forum on Military Cut off Rd.  Now, before you stop reading and dismiss it because you think that an entire store dedicated to olive oil would be boring – don’t give up yet.

Taste the Olive is so much more than just olive oil.  Of course, they have a wide variety of flavored oils and vinegar. The store is set up as a tasting bar so you are able to taste all the oils and vinegar (our favorite part).  My favorite is the blueberry balsamic vinegar – I’ve heard it’s great on ice cream.  They also have an oil that is butter flavored.  It is amazing and so much better for you that butter or margarine.

Kymberli, the owner of Taste The Olive

The health benefits of olive oil, both internally and externally are almost too great to mention.  From it’s high antioxidant level to it’s Omega-3 fatty acid content, it is just full of good qualities.

In addition to the oil and vinegar, the shop also carries salts and other spices, specialty foods, including a great selection of cheeses, wine and, of course, body care products.  You can purchase all of Glynne’s Soaps Simply Olive Oil line of soaps at Taste The Olive; we have three scents – Lemonbalm, Lavender and an Unscented variety.  Olive oil is extremely moisturizing and great for your skin.

We also make two different custom lip balms that use oils from the store to get their moisturizing qualities and their flavor.  The first is made with a blood orange fused oil.  When the olives are pressed to obtain the oil, blood oranges are pressed as well, allowing the flavor of the orange to permeate the oil.  This lip balm has no other flavoring or scent to let the great orange flavor shine.  The second lip balm is made with the lime fused oil and we have added a mint essential oil for a flavor very close to a mojito.

If you haven’t been to Taste The Olive yet, you are missing a real experience.  And next time you do go in, tell them “The Soap Ladies” said Hi!


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Searching for a way to use your lips

Google Analytics is an amazing thing.  It provides so much information, and I’m sure I don’t understand even half of it, but I do like to check on how many people have been to our website. I like to see where they are from, and especially what they were searching for that brought them to us.  Frequently, it’s not what I expect.

One search term that brings quite a bit of traffic to Glynne’s Soaps is lip balm.  We also get a few inquiries about “brewed coffee” and “llama soap”.  I think I’ll save washing your llama as a post for another time.  It might even be a series of posts.  (=

Spearmint & Tea Tree Lip Balm

Back to the lip balm. We currently make 12 different flavors of lip balm, everything from Spearmint & Tea Tree to Front Street Brewery Scottish Ale.  They are all made with 100% natural ingredients and petroleum free. As with all our products they are made with only the best ingredients. Our customers tell us our lip balms keep their lips soft without a waxy or oily feeling. We agree!

You use your lips every day! From a smile to a kiss!

Lips are exposed to the elements day after day, and there is no time of year when they are safe from the weather.  Cold, wind, heat – they all have potential to dry out your lips.  And we all know that dry cracked lips are unattractive and unhealthy (not to mention unkissable).

Don’t just take our word for it – try them for yourself!  Head straight to our website – no need to Google anything, we can get you there direct. Use coupon code ‘KISSME’ and we’ll cover the shipping cost (good through March 4th, 2012).

Oh, and if you want to bathe your llama, we can’t help. However we do make a llama soap (sort of) check it out!

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Why Every Small Business Owner Should Be Ready

Last night we decided, on a whim, to go out to dinner.  As we were waiting for our table a man asked us if we owned a business and if we were at the farmers market in Carolina Beach.  We answered “Yes” to both questions and Gayle went on to add that our business was all natural soaps, lotions, lip balm and scrubs.  The woman that was with our new friend asked if our products were for people or dogs.  We naturally said, “Both” and  she mentioned that that is what her partner had said, but she didn’t believe him.

She then told us about her dog with a skin condition and we recommended Roxy Soap for her.  Gayle pulled out a business card and gave it to them, with the promise that we would happily bring them soap if they would give us a call.  As the conversation progressed, we discovered that we live not far from each other (probably less than 2 miles) and had a mutual friend.  It was a nice, spontaneous chat.

It also reminded me of a few things that, as small business owners, we should be aware of all the time.

  • We are always in the public eye.  Just because no one may mention that they have seen us at the farmers market or another festival doesn’t mean that they aren’t thinking it.  We are representing our business everywhere we go.
  • We should always be ready.  You never know when the opportunity to talk about your business might present itself.
  • Always carry business cards (at least).  There have been times when we are out and someone asks us for a card and we don’t have any available.  That is a lost opportunity.  We have gotten in the habit of always having some with us, just in case.

We are very fortunate to receive tons of positive feedback from our customers.  Just yesterday we received an order for Spearmint and Tea Tree Lip Balm followed by this tweet:

lauracogginsFeb 23, 11:26am via WebJust ordered another supply of @glynnesoaps lip balm. Their spearmint & tea tree oil is seriously the best, y’all.

We also received a call from a woman who swears by our Franklyn soap for her dog.  We met her in a church parking lot and delivered her some soap.

All this to say, we have the best customers in the world!  Thank you all for your support, we wouldn’t be where we are without it.  As another thank you we are offering a 15% customer appreciation discount.  Order from our website between now and the end of February and use coupon code THEGREATEST to receive your discount.

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Winter Skin Care & a Birthday Coupon

Like it or not, it seems that winter weather is here.  And with it comes dry, chapped skin.  Sometimes it seems like no matter what we do, we still end up with dry hands and chapped lips.  Well, fortunately, there are some things you can do to combat the dry cold weather and keep your skin soft and smooth all winter long.

  • Use oil based moisturizers. Many products on the market these days have water as their first ingredient.  The higher the oil to water ratio is, the more moisturizing a lotion is.  The oil creates a protective barrier on the skin.   Glynne’s Soaps lotions are made entirely from skin softening oils such as shea butter and coconut oil.  They contain no water and so they are more moisturizing than other creams and lotions.
  • Drink lots of water.  Your skin can become dry due to dehydration, so don’t forget to drink lots of water and limit the amount of alcohol to stay hydrated.
  • Skip the blow dryer. If at all possible, let your hair dry naturally.  Using a blow dryer just adds to the dryness of your skin by exposing it to the hot dry air.
  • Don’t forget your lips. Cold, dry weather and high winds can leave your lips dry and cracked.  Using a natural lip balm will get them back to kissable form in no time.  It’s important to remember to stay away from products that contain petroleum because it will make the chapping worse.  A good rule of thumb to follow for not only your lip balm, but all your moisturizers is to only use things on your skin that contain ingredients safe enough to eat.  Food grade oils and butters instead of petroleum and chemical based products are safer for your skin and will keep you feeling soft all winter.  If possible, choose a lip balm with sunscreen.  Even in the winter, the sun can be damaging.

The skin is your largest organ.  It is important to keep it healthy and looking good.  Following a few simple steps and making sure you use only the best all natural products is the best way to avoid dry winter skin.

Don’t forget that your dog’s skin can suffer ill effects from the winter weather also.  Using an all natural soap for bathing will help.  Try Glynne’s Soaps Roxy Dog and Cat soap.  It’s made with neem oil, which is wonderful at relieving itchy skin.  For the pads of their feet and their nose, you can get NoZes &ToZes, a natural balm containing lavender and tea tree essential oils for healing.

Birthday Coupon Alert!!!

The staff of Glynne’s Soaps would like to take this opportunity to wish Gayle a very Happy Birthday.  Her birthday is today, and we are  taking the day off to celebrate.  Thank you Gayle for all the hard work you do to make Glynne’s Soaps the great company that it is.  We couldn’t do it without you! – Jenn, Wrigley & Marshall

To celebrate the event, we are offering a coupon for 25% off any website order placed today.  Just use the coupon code “Gayle’s 49″ to get your discount!

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Fall Skin Care

As summer transitions into fall there are changes all around.  And whether you enjoy the changes or not, they will happen.  It’s probably best to just go with the flow and accept that summer is leaving and winter is on it’s way.

You don’t have to feel like a dry scaly alligator as the weather changes.  Just a few simple steps and you can keep your skin looking and feeling silky soft.

You might not realize it, but your skin care should change with the seasons as well.  Your skin has different needs as the weather gets cooler.  Here are some things you should make sure to do to keep your skin looking great through the fall season.

1. Drink plenty of water.  It is essential to keep your skin hydrated throughout the year.  This is easier to remember in the summer, but is just as important as the weather cools.

2. Don’t forget your feet.  Just because they are covered, doesn’t mean they are gone.  They still need TLC. Glynne’s Soaps Flip Flop Balm is the perfect addition to any fall skin care regime.  This lotion will keep your feet soft all winter.
3. Choose a soap that will keep your skin hydrated and moisturized.  An all natural soap is better for your skin and won’t dry you out like the detergent bars you can buy at the grocery store.
4. Sunscreen is still important.  Even though the temperatures are cooler and the sun is lower in the sky, your skin can still be damaged by it’s rays.  You should be wearing a sunscreen everyday.
5. Keep your lips soft and smooth with an all natural lip balm.  Glynne’s Soaps lip balms are great at keeping your lips hydrated and protected from the cold wind.  Choose one with zinc oxide for added safety.
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Beer Soap? – (Product Spotlight)

When people see that we make soaps and lip balms using beer from Front Street Brewery (a local brewery in downtown Wilmington) we get a wide variety of comments ranging from “My ___________ (dad, boyfriend, husband, wife, etc.) would love this!” to “Cool!  If I get pulled over I can just tell the officer it’s my soap.”

Don’t try that one, both the soaps and lip balms are heating during the process so their alcohol content is zero.  However, the first comment is very valid.  There is a lot to love about the soaps and lip balms we make using beer.  They are very moisturizing.  Beer is full of antioxidants that help promote younger looking, healthier skin.  And the hops have antibacterial properties.  They smell wonderful.  And they are a great gift for someone you know who loves beer.

One soap is made using Scottish Ale.  It is a dark rich soap that smells faintly of chocolate.  The other is made using an IPA.  This soap also contains ground hops for a slightly exfoliating wash and some citrus essential oils to bring out the natural citrus scent of the hops.  As with all of Glynne’s Soaps, the base for these soaps is made with only the finest all natural ingredients that are safe and gentle for your skin.

The lip balm choices include a Scottish Ale and a Raspberry Wheat.  Both contain their respective beers.  The Scottie has a touch of cocoa powder added while the raspberry flavor of the Razz is highlighted with a touch of natural raspberry flavor.  Just like all our lip balms, there are no petroleum products in these lip balms.  Everything is all natural, safe for you and the environment.

Head over to our web site today and get some skin care products for your favorite beer lover.

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Are You Ready for Summer?

I don’t know about you, but I am ready for warmer weather and long sunny days.  We had our first festival of the season last weekend and spending the day outside was wonderful.  Even though it was still a bit chilly, it was a preview of the nice weather that is just around the corner.

Your mind might be ready for the summer, but is your skin?  There are things you can do that will help get those areas of your body that have been under wraps for a few months ready to shine.

  • Exfoliate – Nothing gets your skin silky smooth like removing all the dead skin cells.
  • Moisturize – Keep your skin soft with a good all natural lotion which will add moisture but none of the artificial chemicals.  Choose your favorite from Glynne’s Soaps variety of natural products.  And don’t forget your lips, they need moisturizing too.  Glynne’s Soaps has a line of all natural, petroleum free lip balms, including some with zinc oxide to protect your lips from the sun’s rays.
  • Firm up cellulite.  Using skin products containing caffeine has been shown to reduce cellulite and firm up areas that might be a bit saggy.  Before you get in to that swim suit, make sure you are showering with Glynne’s Soaps Java Scrub, an all natural soap made with coffee.  You should notice a difference before that first pool party.

Don’t let the summer sneak up on you.  Start getting ready now so you can fully enjoy the season and all it has to offer.  Glynne’s Soaps will be at the Pleasure Island Fresh Market starting Saturday, March 19th.  Come see us.

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Spearmint and Tea Tree Lip Balm (Product Spotlight)

Working for yourself has definite positive and negative aspects.  One of the major positives is meeting new people. We are always excited to get out, talk with people, hear their stories and share with them.

We had the privilege to attend a workshop last Friday that was put on by Coach Reggie, and was about growing your business.  After getting our coffee before the start of the seminar, we sat at the table across from a woman who proceeded to pull out a tube of our lip balm and compliment us on it.  She said that it was the best lip balm she had ever used.  We were both pleased and humbled that she enjoyed it so much.

Your lips are a very important part of your body and shouldn’t be ignored.  They are the spot on your body where your skin is the thinnest.  They also do not have any oil secreting glands like the rest of your skin, which makes it  easy for them to get dry and cracked.  Chapped lips can be very painful, and they can also open your body up for infection.  For a lip balm to be effective, it must do four your lips what they can not do for themselves, keep in moisture and protect them from drying out.

Glynne’s Soaps All Natural Lip Balm does just that.  And for especially dry lips, the Spearmint and Tea Tree Lip Balm is the best.   All our lip balms are made with all natural

The best remedy for chapped lips

beeswax, coconut oil, olive oil and soybean oil.  This means they have no petroleum products and nothing that will ultimately keep you lips from getting the moisture they need.

Beeswax is full of vitamin A which aids in cell development and will help your lips with new cell growth.  It also help form a protective barrier between your lips and the air to hold in moisture.  Coconut oil is very moisturizing as well, and as it penetrates into the skin it helps the connective tissue remain strong and supple.  Olive oil is well known for it’s ability to heal dry skin.  It is full of vitamins and nutrients that are very beneficial for your skin.  The soybean oil is good for evening out wrinkles and also is a great moisturizer.

The addition of tea tree oil gives an antibacterial quality to the lip balm.  This is beneficial in that it will help kill any germs that might be trying to enter your system through your chapped lips.  It also speeds the healing of dry cracked lips allowing them to become soft and smooth in a very short time.

So, if you are suffering from dry chapped lips this winter, get some of our All Natural Spearmint and Tea Tree Lip Balm.  Your lips will feel soft again in no time.

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