Things to do in Downtown Wilmington – Front Street Brewery

There is a place downtown that we spend quite a lot of time at.  They have good food, a great atmosphere and a super staff.  It doesn’t hurt that every time we open a menu, we see “Glynne’s Soaps” on the first page!


Front Street Brewery makes excellent chicken nachos, ribs and french fries, along with other things.  We frequently enjoy half price appetizers in the afternoons.  The staff is very friendly and accommodating.  The location is great – right downtown with outside seating so you can enjoy people watching while you eat.  The outside seating is Wrigley’s favorite part of eating at Front Street Brewery.

Wrigley enjoying lunch at Front Street Brewery

While you are downtown enjoying some fried pickles (another one of my favorites) you can also purchase soap and lip balm made using some of Front Street Brewery’s signature beers.  Scottish Ale and IPA  are used to make soaps that are extremely moisturizing and great for your skin.  They also smell wonderful and make a great gift for anyone who enjoys beer.  The lip balm flavors include Raspberry Wheat and Scottish Ale.  The Raspberry Wheat is  full of raspberry flavor and the Scottish Ale tastes like the ale with a touch of chocolate to enhance that aspect of the flavor.

The soaps, lip balm and beer are locally made with only the finest ingredients.

If you find yourself downtown, have a meal at Front Street Brewery and take time to enjoy some of what downtown Wilmington has to offer.


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Searching for a way to use your lips

Google Analytics is an amazing thing.  It provides so much information, and I’m sure I don’t understand even half of it, but I do like to check on how many people have been to our website. I like to see where they are from, and especially what they were searching for that brought them to us.  Frequently, it’s not what I expect.

One search term that brings quite a bit of traffic to Glynne’s Soaps is lip balm.  We also get a few inquiries about “brewed coffee” and “llama soap”.  I think I’ll save washing your llama as a post for another time.  It might even be a series of posts.  (=

Spearmint & Tea Tree Lip Balm

Back to the lip balm. We currently make 12 different flavors of lip balm, everything from Spearmint & Tea Tree to Front Street Brewery Scottish Ale.  They are all made with 100% natural ingredients and petroleum free. As with all our products they are made with only the best ingredients. Our customers tell us our lip balms keep their lips soft without a waxy or oily feeling. We agree!

You use your lips every day! From a smile to a kiss!

Lips are exposed to the elements day after day, and there is no time of year when they are safe from the weather.  Cold, wind, heat – they all have potential to dry out your lips.  And we all know that dry cracked lips are unattractive and unhealthy (not to mention unkissable).

Don’t just take our word for it – try them for yourself!  Head straight to our website – no need to Google anything, we can get you there direct. Use coupon code ‘KISSME’ and we’ll cover the shipping cost (good through March 4th, 2012).

Oh, and if you want to bathe your llama, we can’t help. However we do make a llama soap (sort of) check it out!

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Mugs for Jugs giveaway and coupon

As the Mugs for Jugs event at Front Street Brewery is fast approaching, the Glynne’s Soaps staff is gearing up for the event.  Some may even say we’ve gone a little crazy!

Please plan to attend this great fundraiser for the New Hanover Medical Center Foundation’s Pink Ribbon Project which provides free mammograms and also support to people who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

The event is this Saturday, January 21st at Front Street Brewery and promises to be a night full of fun with a photo booth, raffle, dunk tank and other great activities you don’t want to miss.

In anticipation of the fun, we are giving away one of our Second Base Balms.  In order to win, all you have to do is leave a comment with a caption for the picture at the top of this post.  The funniest caption wins!  The winner will have to be able to pick up their prize at Front Street Brewery on Saturday OR at the tweetup (also at the Brewery the following Friday evening.)

Also, use the coupon code “MUGS4JUGS” to get 15% off any order placed on our website between now and Saturday night.

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4th Annual Mugs for Jugs Event

It’s that time of year again – time for Front Street Brewery’s Mugs for Jugs fundraiser.  We’re proud to say that we have been sponsors every year,  and this year is no different! Glynne’s  Soaps will be providing some raffle prizes.  We are donating our “Second Base Balm” – an all natural lavender scented lotion in the shape of breasts. This year means a little more to us because in December, Gayle, one of our owner,s had an irregularity in her mammogram. Fortunately, a second mammogram and an ultrasound determined there was no problem. However, there were many tense days around  Glynne’s Soaps until we got the all clear.

The event will be held at Front Street Brewery on January 21st from 11:30 am until midnight.  Commemorative 16oz. Mugs for Jugs Mugs and T-shirts will be sold for $9.99 each and your first fill of beer is included! The festivities also include a photobooth, reverse raffle, dunk tank with Brewmaster Kevin Kozak and assistant Brewer Christopher McGarvey, silent auction and more!

The net proceeds will go to benefit the New Hanover Regional Medical Center Foundation’s Pink Ribbon Project.

Second Base Balm

Our scare made us realize just how important regular screening is and how important The Pink Ribbon Project is! This  wonderful LOCAL organization provides Comfort Bags to women recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer and they provide FREE mammograms to local women who qualify for their program.

Please plan to join us at Front Street Brewery on January 21st.  It’s a great event for an even greater cause!

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Beer Soap? – (Product Spotlight)

When people see that we make soaps and lip balms using beer from Front Street Brewery (a local brewery in downtown Wilmington) we get a wide variety of comments ranging from “My ___________ (dad, boyfriend, husband, wife, etc.) would love this!” to “Cool!  If I get pulled over I can just tell the officer it’s my soap.”

Don’t try that one, both the soaps and lip balms are heating during the process so their alcohol content is zero.  However, the first comment is very valid.  There is a lot to love about the soaps and lip balms we make using beer.  They are very moisturizing.  Beer is full of antioxidants that help promote younger looking, healthier skin.  And the hops have antibacterial properties.  They smell wonderful.  And they are a great gift for someone you know who loves beer.

One soap is made using Scottish Ale.  It is a dark rich soap that smells faintly of chocolate.  The other is made using an IPA.  This soap also contains ground hops for a slightly exfoliating wash and some citrus essential oils to bring out the natural citrus scent of the hops.  As with all of Glynne’s Soaps, the base for these soaps is made with only the finest all natural ingredients that are safe and gentle for your skin.

The lip balm choices include a Scottish Ale and a Raspberry Wheat.  Both contain their respective beers.  The Scottie has a touch of cocoa powder added while the raspberry flavor of the Razz is highlighted with a touch of natural raspberry flavor.  Just like all our lip balms, there are no petroleum products in these lip balms.  Everything is all natural, safe for you and the environment.

Head over to our web site today and get some skin care products for your favorite beer lover.

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