Bug Off (Product Spotlight)

It’s beginning to look a lot like summer!  At our place, the process of getting the pool ready for the season has begun, the weather is beautiful and the bugs are out.  This weekend we were besieged by a multitude of annoying bitting critters.  Fortunately, Glynne’s Soaps makes a product that can help.  Our Bug Off contains six essential oils that are known for their bug repelling properties.  When combined, they create an effective barrier between your skin and the bothersome bugs.

Bug Off comes in soap and lotion form and includes eucalyptus, citronella, cedar, peppermint, lavender and ravensara essential oils**.  The base is a special combination of oils designed to keep your skin feeling smooth and moisturized, even in the driest summers.

But don’t take our word for it, check out some product reviews given by customers here and here.

So, stop by our website, or come see us at one of our events and try it for yourself.  You’ll be glad you did.

**The FDA has not evaluated statements regarding the uses of essential oils or other ingredients as a bug or insect repellent. Glynne’s Soaps makes no claims regarding the use of these essential oils

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Rejuvenation Lotion (Product Spotlight)

All of Glynne’s Soaps lotions are made with all natural oils specially chosen to provide maximum benefit for your dry skin.  Our Rejuvenation Lotion also contains Peppermint and Eucalyptus essential oils.

Peppermint oil is scientifically proven to relieve headaches and other aches and pains.  It also improves circulation. Rubbing Eucalyptus essential oil on sore muscles will relieve any aches and pains.  It also has a refreshing effect on the user, enhancing alertness and reducing exhaustion.

For these reasons, Glynne’s Rejuvenation Lotion is a great choice for people suffering from muscle or joint aches.  If you exercise, or just have achy muscles, this lotion is for you.  It would also be a wonderful choice for people suffering from headaches.  Just rub some on your temples for fast relief.

This essential oil blend can also be found in a soap and body scrub.  Go to our website to order yours today.

Don’t forget to read last Thursday’s post to see how to enter to win a Glynne’s Soaps gift certificate.

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Rejuvenation Exfoliating Body Scrub (Product Spotlight)

Scrub away the Dead Skin

During these cold cold winters, exfoliation is a great way to keep your skin soft and healthy.  By using a scrub on your skin you can remove the dry dead outer layer of skin cells, revealing the softer layer underneath.  This is good for your skin in many ways.  By removing that dry skin, you will have softer skin that is more touchable and less itchy.  You also remove any germs or infections that might be hanging out on your skin, just waiting for an opening to cause you to get sick.  Glynne’s Soaps Rejuvenation scrub is just the thing you need to return a healthy glow to your skin.  This scrub, like all our products is made with only the finest all natural ingredients including therapeutic grade essential oils.  It contains olive oil which is a wonderful skin moisturizer and sugar with just enough of that “scrubby” feeling to remove the dry skin without damaging the new skin underneath.  This scrub’s fresh scent comes from the perfect combination of eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils.

Eucalyptus essential oil is best known for it’s ability to clear up respiratory problems, but it also is good for treating skin infections or other conditions.  It is used as a muscle relaxer and can cure inflammation.

Peppermint essential oil contains menthol which makes it perfect as a skin conditioner.  It will leave skin feeling cool and also gives nourishment to dull dry skin.  Because of it’s refreshing properties it can boost mental clarity and can relieve mental exhaustion.

Rejuvenation scrub contains eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils

Using these essential oils in tandem will give not only your skin a refreshing boost, but will also boost your mood.  When rubbed on achy sore muscles, the scrub can provide relief from the pain.  Rejuvenation scrub is wonderful as a foot scrub.  It will remove callouses and give tired feet a fresh outlook at the end of a long day.

If you are suffering from dry skin or tired achy muscles this winter, go to our website and get some Rejuvenation scrub.  Your body and mind will thank you.

*The FDA has not evaluated statements regarding the uses of essential oils or other ingredients. Glynne’s Soaps makes no claims regarding the use of these essential oils.
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Spring has Sprung

The last few days have been beautiful – warm, sunny  Spring days. Although here in Southeast North Carolina with temperatures topping 88 degrees, some of us feel we have just sprung into summer!  These beautiful days you want to spend as much time outside as possible.  Unfortunately, nice warm days also bring the summer bugs.  I got my first mosquito bite yesterday while spending some time enjoying the weather.

Of course, in our house, we are far more concerned with how the bugs affect our four-legged fuzzy children than we are with how they bother us.  Spring weather means fleas.  If you haven’t read the story about our fight against the flea, check it out here and here.   We have successfully been able to win the war against fleas will all natural products.  Products that are safe for our dogs, ourselves and the environment.  This is our battle plan:

First, we use an all natural soap to bathe our boys regularly.  Franklyn’s is a good choice because it contains Eucalyptus and Tea Tree essential oils which are both great at repelling fleas.  The Tea Tree oil has the added benefit of being a natural antiseptic so it will help ease the pain and itching from any flea bites.  Roxy’s is also very effective at fighting fleas.  If you can’t decide, you can always get a sample stack which includes a one ounce bar of each of our dog soaps.

To get rid of any fleas in the house, we use Borax.  It can be found in the grocery store with the laundry detergent.  We sprinkle the powder on the carpet, sofas, chairs, beds, etc.,  rub it in with a dry broom and let it sit for a few hours.  Then just vacuum it up.  Borax will suck out all the moisture from the fleas and kill them.

For the outside, we use food grade diatomaceous earth.  It is very important to buy the food grade material and not what you find at a pool store.  The diatomaceous earth at the pool store contains silica which makes the dust harmful if inhaled.  We sprinkle it all over the yard.  The small sharp crystals will literally poke holes in the fleas, killing them.  It also works for other crawling bugs – roaches, ticks, bed bugs, beetles and more.

We have been using this approach for the past year and a half and have had less problems with fleas then ever before.  We encourage you to fight fleas all naturally this year.  You, your pet and your environment will be better off. In our next post we will discuss the options for dealing with the pesky bugs which are out to bite you.

On another note, it is time to announce the winner of our Soap on the Run contest.  Congratulations to Amy whose comment was “I bought my first soap at the WB marathon expo and I love it. I am a walker not a runner so I will walk (but very fast) away from the soaps I have been currently using. Thank you for producing a product that I can buy locally.”  Send us an e-mail Amy with your address so we can get you your Soap in the Run.  Thanks to everyone who entered – be on the lookout for our next contest coming soon.

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Soap on the Run

The Glynne’s Soaps R&D group has been jumping lately.  It seems that there are quite a few new all natural products that are available now, or will be available soon.  We thought we’d take a minute to give you a sneak peak at what’s coming this spring.

Our first new and exciting product is called “Soap on the Run”.

Soap on the Run

It’s an all natural soap, scented with eucalyptus and tea tree essential oils.  The best part about this soap is that it comes in its own container.  You can toss it in your gym bag, overnight bag, travel bag or desk drawer at work.  When you hit the showers, you have a safe gentle all natural soap that is great for your skin.  You don’t have to worry about a plastic bag full of slimy soap that is disintegrating and becoming unusable.  You won’t lose sleep wondering if your liquid soap is small enough to pass airport security yet large enough for you to use it your entire trip.  You won’t have to be concerned about what harsh chemicals and nasty preservatives are in the soap dispenser at the gym.  You will know that the soap you carry is all natural and good for you in a container that won’t set off alarms or leak all over your bag.  Going along with that, the essential oils used to scent “Soap on the Run” are great for active people.  Eucalyptus oil is the best all natural remedy for soothing sore, tired and achy muscles.  It also will combat mental fatigue.  Because it is an antibacterial, it is used as an all natural deodorant.  Tea tree oil is a natural therapy for bacterial and fungal skin ailments including acne, oily skin, athlete’s foot, insect bites and dandruff.  The next time you need an all natural soap that you can take with you, get some Soap on the Run.

But Soap on the Run is not the only thing that is new at Glynne’s Soaps.  We also have developed a soap that we are calling “man soap”.  It’s a manly sized bar, with 12 oz of soap scented with Grapefruit and Eucalyptus essential oils.  Man Soap is currently in the human and animal testing phase of Glynne’s Soaps R&D process.  (This means that we have given some to friends of ours and they are using it and giving feedback.)  It will hopefully be available on our website soon.

We have also developed a new scent that is currently available at festivals and will soon be available online.  It is called “Rejuvenation” and is a refreshing combination of Peppermint and Eucalyptus essential oils.

Our last new venture is still in the Glynne’s Soaps laboratory, but should be available for testing soon.  It is something we are very excited about – bath fizzies!  Be on the lookout for this and all our other new products.

On another note, it is time again for our monthly contest.  Thank you to everyone who entered last month’s contest!  We loved learning about your passions and what inspires you.  If you weren’t sure what your passion is, hopefully we encouraged you to find it and do something about it.

Now, on to our winner -

According to the random number generator which spit out the number 5, our winner is Jessica P. who wrote, “I am passionate about art. I am always thinking of new ideas to make and create…”

Thanks for entering our contest Jessica, and congratulations!  Please contact us via the “Contact Us” page of our website and we will discuss how to get you your soaps.

For those of you who didn’t win, thanks again for sharing your passion.  Feel free to head on over to our website and purchase some soap for yourself.  You might as well be clean while pursuing your passion.  Or afterward, as some of you expressed that gardening and digging in the dirt was what you enjoyed.

This month, leave a comment letting us know where you would most like to travel, taking a container of “Soap on the Run” with you (of course).  Leave your comment before April 7th.  The winner will receive a container of “Soap on the Run”

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All Natural Germ Fighter

I came down with a cold yesterday that has stopped me in my tracks.  I slept all yesterday afternoon and didn’t get up this morning until 11.  So, I’ve been up for two hours and it wouldn’t take much convincing to get me back in bed.  Wrigley has been a great help, snuggling me almost literally, the entire time.  Even when I’m sitting up in a chair or doing something else, he has his eye on me.  He’s very concerned…..which is super cute.  We are calling him my CMN (Cuddly Male Nurse). 

Because I’ve been sick, and haven’t wanted to pass along any germs….especially to Gayle, I have been washing my hands every chance I get.  This is a good idea anyway, and especially during the cold and flu season.  The biggest problem with washing your hands frequently is that they tend to get dry and chapped.  Well, that is not a problem with all-natural soap like Glynne’s Soaps.  Because the glycerin is left in the soap, and not removed like with commercial soaps, our soap leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth, no matter how often you wash with it. 

The other benefit to all natural soaps during this time of year is that all essential oils are naturally antiseptic and antibacterial. They will help kill the germs associated with colds and flu without using any harsh chemicals that are bad for you and bad for the environment.  If you really want to protect yourself, use a soap containing tea tree oil.  Even though all essential oils have some antibacterial properties, tea tree oil is renowned for its antiseptic, antifungal and antibacterial properties.  Plus, it smells great!  Our Misty Mountain soap contains both tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil

So, keep yourself safe this winter season.  Buy a soap that will leave your skin soft and fight germs the all natural way!

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