Spearmint and Tea Tree Lip Balm (Product Spotlight)

Working for yourself has definite positive and negative aspects.  One of the major positives is meeting new people. We are always excited to get out, talk with people, hear their stories and share with them.

We had the privilege to attend a workshop last Friday that was put on by Coach Reggie, and was about growing your business.  After getting our coffee before the start of the seminar, we sat at the table across from a woman who proceeded to pull out a tube of our lip balm and compliment us on it.  She said that it was the best lip balm she had ever used.  We were both pleased and humbled that she enjoyed it so much.

Your lips are a very important part of your body and shouldn’t be ignored.  They are the spot on your body where your skin is the thinnest.  They also do not have any oil secreting glands like the rest of your skin, which makes it  easy for them to get dry and cracked.  Chapped lips can be very painful, and they can also open your body up for infection.  For a lip balm to be effective, it must do four your lips what they can not do for themselves, keep in moisture and protect them from drying out.

Glynne’s Soaps All Natural Lip Balm does just that.  And for especially dry lips, the Spearmint and Tea Tree Lip Balm is the best.   All our lip balms are made with all natural

The best remedy for chapped lips

beeswax, coconut oil, olive oil and soybean oil.  This means they have no petroleum products and nothing that will ultimately keep you lips from getting the moisture they need.

Beeswax is full of vitamin A which aids in cell development and will help your lips with new cell growth.  It also help form a protective barrier between your lips and the air to hold in moisture.  Coconut oil is very moisturizing as well, and as it penetrates into the skin it helps the connective tissue remain strong and supple.  Olive oil is well known for it’s ability to heal dry skin.  It is full of vitamins and nutrients that are very beneficial for your skin.  The soybean oil is good for evening out wrinkles and also is a great moisturizer.

The addition of tea tree oil gives an antibacterial quality to the lip balm.  This is beneficial in that it will help kill any germs that might be trying to enter your system through your chapped lips.  It also speeds the healing of dry cracked lips allowing them to become soft and smooth in a very short time.

So, if you are suffering from dry chapped lips this winter, get some of our All Natural Spearmint and Tea Tree Lip Balm.  Your lips will feel soft again in no time.

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Winter Skin Care

We are right in the middle of the cold winter season.  For some, it’s the coldest winter on record.  Unfortunately, the cold weather is very drying to your skin.  And dry, chapped, cracked skin can be very painful and unattractive.  Fortunately, there are some things you can do that will help keep your skin soft and healthy through the long cold winter.  Here are some easy things you can do for your skin while the temperatures are so low.

  1.  Turn down the hot water.  Bathing in hot water is very drying to your skin.  If you turn down the hot and use warm to luke-warm water your skin will thank you.
  2. Exfoliate 1-2 times a week.  Exfoliating is the best thing you can do for dry skin.  Use an oil based sugar or salt scrub to get the best results.  The oil will also moisturize your skin.
  3.  Get rid of the detergent bar from the grocery store.  Detergent bars such as Dial, Ivory, etc strip your skin of dirt and oils.  All the oils, good and bad.  They will leave your skin clean, but extra dry without any protection.  Switch to an all natural soap made with olive oil and coconut oil (they are the most moisturizing), try any of the soaps from Glynne’s Soaps as they are all made with olive and coconut oil.
  4.  Moisturize.  An all natural lotion can go a long way toward keeping your skin soft and healthy.  Use it daily for best results.  Did you know that Glynne’s Soaps now makes lotions?  Check out our website for more details.
  5.  Pat dry.  Instead of rubbing and scrubbing your skin with a towel, pat yourself dry.  This will help your skin retain more moisture than rubbing does.

Follow these five tips this winter and you will notice a considerable difference in your skin.  Use Glynne’s Soaps all natural soaps and lotions and say goodbye to dry cracked skin and hello to soft touchable skin.

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The Skin Benefits of All Natural Soaps

It is easy for us to say that all natural soap is better for your skin, and it might be easy for you to believe us when we do say it.  But if you really start to think about it, you might wonder specifically how it is good for your skin.  Aside from the therapeutic properties associated with the different essential oils used, the base ingredients we use have advantageous and even healing properties.

The base oils used to make Glynne’s Soaps soap are chosen for very specific reasons. Much research goes in to picking just the right combination to make a great bar of soap.  Some are chosen because they will give your soap a good rich lather, others because they make a nice hard bar of soap.  Every base oil chosen by Glynne’s Soaps will also have skin enriching properties.

Coconut Oil

During this flu season, you will be relieved to know that coconut oil forms a barrier on your skin to ward off infection. Along with its ability to maintain the natural chemical balance of your skin, it is very beneficial in other ways.  It is a safe all natural moisturizer for all skin types, from very dry to very oily.  It is helpful in treating skin infections, dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis.  Coconut oil delays the formation of wrinkles and saggy skin while it prevents aging because of its antioxidant properties.  An additional benefit to coconut oil is that it is very soothing and can reduce stress and mental fatigue.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is rich in Vitamin E and other antioxidants.  It has remarkable healing and anti-aging properties due to the presence of chlorophyll.  It can restore the moisture and elasticity to your skin and remove the damage done as you go about your day.  Damage from the sun, wind, cold, makeup, and any harmful chemicals you are exposed to on a daily basis.  It is also very moisturizing and is helpful in reducing dry skin, eczema and psoriasis.

Castor Oil

Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, castor oil can be used to treat arthritis and other joint pains.  It is also a natural emollient which means it will penetrate the outer layer of skin to promote the body’s production of elastin and collagen.  This will give you softer, more hydrated skin.  It will restore the youthful appearance of your skin by reducing wrinkles and making your skin smoother and softer.

Cottonseed and Soybean Oils

These oils are full of fatty acids and anti-oxidants such as Vitamin E and Vitamin B.  They are critical to keeping your skin smooth and younger looking.  They also prevent the development of wrinkles and age spots.  The fatty acids present in cottonseed and soybean oils are a key component to the restoration of your skin after the damage done by exposure to the sun and all the harmful pollutants in the air.

So, before you buy that next bar of soap this winter, check the ingredients.  Is it full of chemicals and words you can’t pronounce?  Why not reach for an all natural bar of soap from Glynne’s Soaps.  They smell great, are safe for you and the environment and you will start to notice the benefits to your skin after the first use.

As a side note, our new website is coming soon to a computer near you. We are excited about the new design and hope to be able to share it with you soon. Our Thanksgiving  free shipping deal ends tonight at midnight. We would love to be your stocking stuffer!

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