We had a Rain Out in National Farmer’s Market Week (but you get Free Shipping)

This week is National Farmers Market week. We attend a lot of Farmers markets.  We enjoyed attending Farmers Markets before we started Glynne’s Soaps, it was fun to walk around and see all the different items. We also enjoyed finding that special item we wanted to take home and of course we enjoyed the fresh local veggies we could enjoy each week.

Marshall at the Farmers Market

After three years of getting up early and schleping our goods to market 2-3 times a week from May to December we have a different perspective on Farmers Markets. We have a huge respect for all the people each week who work hard to bring their goods to market – on time fresh and local. But there is more, it’s the people who spend their time to coordinate the effort (these things just don’t magically happen). There are people who make sure the little details are attended to and that all the vendors are arranged and cared for. Then there are the customers, the people who come each week. They stop to say hello, even on weeks they may not need your product. They are truly the reason we get out of bed some weeks – the thought of their friendly encouragement.

Because of the recent surge in buying local in-season produce, Farmer’s Markets have experienced growth of 10% in 2012 after a 15% growth in 2011 and Glynne’s Soaps is proud to be a part of two local markets – The Carolina Beach Farmers Market and The Poplar Grove Farmers Market.

We had planned this post to go today and coincide with today’s farmers market at Poplar Grove, but unfortunately, for the second week in a row we suffered a rain out at this market. There still are a few diehard vendors that are at today’s market, but water and soap mix great for using, but not so much for selling :)

We have great hope that God will provide a dry Wednesday some day soon (not that we don’t appreciate the rain) and we’ll be back at the farmers market at Poplar Grove. However, our website is always open  and for today only we’re offering FREE SHIPPING – just use coupon code ‘RainOut’ so hop on over to www.glynnesoaps.com and we’ll ship your order to you.

Go enjoy a farmers market this week! You’ll be glad you did and so will the vendors.

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Carolina Beach Farmers Market

Last Saturday was the kickoff for the 2012 season of the Carolina Beach Farmers Market.  Located around the lake in Carolina Beach, this market is the perfect place to spend your Saturday mornings this summer.

There is a wide variety of vendors offering everything from local produce to freshly made cinnamon rolls.  You can also find skin care, photography, jewelry, yard art and a host of other items all made locally.  Visit their website for a complete list of vendors.  And of course, Glynne’s Soaps will be there.

As you are out enjoying the beach weather, please stop by and say hello!  Wrigley would love to see you!

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Where We Have Been

2011 was a great year for Glynne’s Soaps.  We have grown and expanded in almost every area.

New Products

Our product line is always growing.  Some new things that were developed in 2011 include:

Glynne's Soaps NoZes & ToZes Paw Balm

Glynne's Soaps Llama Loofah

    Llama Loofahs – available in 2 scents, these unique exfoliating soaps caused quite a stir
    Simply Olive Oil soaps – made with 100% olive oil, these soaps are very moisturizing and come in three scents – lavender, lemon balm and unscented

    Flip Flop Balm – for flip flop friendly feet, these are a hit during the summer
    Rescue Lip Balm – a carob flavored lip balm that gives back, proceeds go to dalmatian rescue
    NoZes & ToZes - balm for your canine friend’s dry nose and feet
    Breath Spray for Dogs – an effective all natural spray for your dog’s breath, reduces tartar as well

New Festivals

Gayle & Marshall at Riverfest

In addition to the Carolina Beach Farmer’s Market, Pleasure Island Fresh Market and other festivals, in 2011 we also participated in the Leland Farmer’s Market, Azalea Festival, Riverfest, Wilma’s Holiday Expo and a larger number of fairs and festivals.  Look for this to increase again in 2012.

New Locations

Glynne’s Soaps also expanded our number of wholesale locations to include places like The Veggie Wagon, Carolina Farmin‘, Artful Living Group and more.    We also were accepted to be a part of Abe’s Market, an all natural online marketplace. You can see a full list of our locations in the sidebar to the right.

New Staff

How Can I Help You?

In March of 2011, we added a new employee.  Marshall joined us from Kentucky to become the Assistant Sales Manager.  If you visited us at a farmer’s market, you might have had the privilege of meeting either him or Wrigley.  Getting out and meeting

Thank You For Visiting Glynne's Soaps

our customers is one of their favorite activities.

Thank you all for participating with us in our journey.  We are looking forward to the new things that 2012 has in store for us.  Stay tuned for our next post “Where We Are Going” to get the inside scoop on some things that are coming in the new year.

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Back and Better Than Ever

This weekend, Glynne’s Soaps will be re-releasing our Citrus Zing All Natural Soap.  We just were not happy with the formula and knew it could be better.  So, after discussions with our apothecary, Eva at Down to Earth Essential Oils in downtown Wilmington, we developed a new formula.

Citrus Zing is made with Orange and Ginger essential oils.  Orange oil is high is anti-oxidants and Vitamin C.  Skin care products containing orange oil are very effective at reducing wrinkles and slowing down the aging process.  The scent is bright and clean and will boost emotions and reduce depression.  Ginger essential oil, when added to skin care products, combats lethargy and muscle fatigue.

The combination of these oils makes this soap a perfect addition to your morning shower.  It will wake you up and get you ready for whatever your day brings.

Citrus Zing All Natural Soap is currently available on our website and will be available at the Carolina Beach Farmer’s Market on Saturday.

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Farmer’s Markets are Great


Hi everyone!  It’s me Marshall, the new assistant sales manager at Glynne’s Soaps.  Everyone else is hard at work and not paying attention to me, so I’m hijacking the computer to write a blog post.  I’ve been working at Glynne’s Soaps for about 4 months now and am getting the hang of how things work.  There are lots of perks including cookies, snuggles and regular baths with a great soap.  (=

As I learn more about working at Glynne’s Soaps, I am getting to participate more in the business. One of the best things Wrigley and I get to do is go to the farmers market.  Going to market is great fun because there are all sorts of people who are very interested in paying attention to me.  Sometimes they don’t know they want to pet me, but I make sure they get to anyway.

Marshall & Friends

Just yesterday I was at the Leland Farmer’s Market and the vendor set up next to us had three boys that were the perfect ages for playing with.  The four of us found an open area where we wouldn’t disturb people and ran and ran.  We took a few snuggle breaks and made sure to get lots of water, but mostly we ran.  I’m still exhausted from my adventure, but it sure was fun.

There is still time to come see the Glynne’s Soaps staff at a local farmers market.  Wrigley and I go as often as we can.  We are at the Carolina Beach Farmer’s Market every Saturday from 8-1 and at the Leland Farmer’s Market every other Sunday from 11-3.  The markets are a great place to get Glynne’s Soaps products, local foods and crafts.  We can’t wait to see you!

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Farmer’s Markets – not just for Farmers

The dictionary defines a Farmer’s Market as a “group of stalls and booths where farmers and sometimes other vendors sell their products directly to the consumer”. Farmer’s Markets have become a very popular way to purchase natural, fresh and local alternatives to many things that are usually purchased in grocery stores or other big box stores.  They also draw communities together.  Jenn’s father would go to his local farmer’s market religiously every Wednesday morning.  He rarely returned with any purchases, but was able to spend time interacting with members of his community.

A report put out recently by the USDA states that the number of farmer’s markets operating in the US increased 16% in 2010.  This means that there are currently over 6,000 markets operating in America.   There are many benefits to this type of shopping.  Buy purchasing locally, you know where your food is coming from.  In many instances, you can interact directly with the person who produced the product you are buying.  The people selling most likely are environmentally conscious and concerned about the health dangers of eating processed food and the dangers of chemicals and pesticides.

Glynne’s Soaps has been gearing up for the Farmer’s Market season of 2011.  We will be participating in at least four markets this year, the first of which opens on March 19th in Carolina Beach.  The Pleasure Island Fresh Market will run for 6 weeks this spring at the marina in Carolina Beach.  Beginning in April we will also be at the Poplar Grove Farmer’s Market on Wednesday morning and the Leland Farmer’s Market every other Sunday.  And beginning in May, you can find us at the Carolina Beach Farmer’s Market.  For a list of the exact dates, you can check out our calendar.  And, if you happen to be out of the Wilmington area, you can search for a local market here.  You can also check out a map showing all registered Farmer’s Markets in the United States here.

If buying all natural, fresh and local products is as important to you as it is to us, make an effort to check out a Farmer’s Market in your area.  You will be glad you did.

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The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

If you live anywhere on the east coast, or have access to The Weather Channel, you know that there has been a “major rain event”.  Here in Wilmington we received somewhere around 24″ of rain in three days.  The rainfall broke the record that was set by Hurricane Floyd back in 1999.  There seems to be standing water everywhere, and you know that standing water is an invitation for mosquitoes to breed like crazy.

One of the best ways to keep these pesky bugs from biting is to use Glynne’s Soaps Bug Off Lotion or Bug Off Soap.  Both products contain a blend of 6 essential oils that all have bug repelling properties*.  Many of our customers have had great success with these products and are quick to recommend them to everyone.  In fact, you can read about it and view some testimonials here.  We are extremely pleased with the success of this product.  Make sure you head over to our website and get some before the bugs carry you away.

The Arrow Indicates Where Our Booth Would Be

Another negative effect of all the rain is that the Carolina Beach Farmer’s Market has been cancelled for tomorrow, October, 2nd, 2010.  It seems that the beautiful area near the lake that is home to the farmer’s market is underwater (see above photo) .  However you will be able to find Glynne’s Soaps at The Scandinavian Heritage Festival in Myrtle Beach, SC.  So, if you are near Myrtle Beach on Saturday, or just want to head that way for something fun, stop by our booth and say HI.  We would love to see you.

*The FDA has not evaluated statements regarding the uses of essential oils or other ingredients. Glynne’s Soaps makes no claims regarding the use of these essential oils.
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How to Care for Your New Soap

Last week at the Carolina Beach Farmer’s Market, we were asked by no less than three people about how to care for soaps. Of course, we were happy to share our (Jenn’s) knowledge on the subject. It made us think we should revive a post from last year on how to care for your new soap.

Once you bring your new soap home, there are some things you can do to help it last as long as possible. I know when I have a new soap that lathers great, smells wonderful and leaves me feeling soft and smooth; I don’t want to waste any of it. Just following these few simple tips will keep your soap (and you) happy longer.

1) Any moisture will dissolve your soap, even if you aren’t using it. Don’t let it sit in a puddle. A draining soap dish or a mesh bag hanging in the shower will help dry your soap between uses. If you don’t have either of these, minimize the area of your soap that comes in contact with the wet area; sit it up on it’s side or prop it on the edge of the soap dish. Any air circulation will keep your soap drier.

2) The longevity of your soap improves if you use a loofah, washcloth or sponge instead of rubbing the soap directly on your body. You can purchase some nice accessories on our website

3) Before use, store your soap in a cool dry place. Under the sink is bad because the soap can pick up moisture from condensation on the pipes. Some people store it in a linen closet or dresser drawer so the scent can freshen towels or clothing.

Since true natural soap has no chemical preservatives, it will not last as long as detergent bars purchased at the grocery store.  However, with just a little planning, you can extend the life of your soap.

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Heat, Humidity and BUGS

We live in coastal North Carolina. In the summer, there are really only two topics heat (humidity), and BUGS! Short of staying in the Air Conditioning and avoiding the beautiful outdoors, we have yet to find a solution to heat and humidity but we can help with the bugs.

We have thoroughly enjoyed being at The Carolina Beach Farmer’s Market every Saturday! Not only does it give us the chance to meet people and tell them about our products; it gives us the opportunity to get feedback about our products. There is no better feeling than hearing how much someone enjoys your creation!

Sure it’s great when someone stops and buys our products again but there is a special thrill when some just stops to tell us how well it worked for them or that they made a special trip to Farmer’s Market to see us. Knowing you are making a difference is its own special reward!

Our product that gets the most attention is Bug Off. Our Bug Off is made with a proprietary blend of six (6) different essential oils. Each of which have bug repelling properties. As you might imagine the first question someone asks is, ‘Does it work?’ Naturally, when I answer, there is a certain amount of understood bias but when a user walks up and tells their unbiased experience, we can’t keep enough of it made.

My solution, buy a Flip (affiliate link) and begin to film the testimonials as people shared them at Farmer’s Market.  Last Saturday, I filmed my first testimonial (I was very excited). Now, I want to share it with you.

Makes me wonder, if a picture is worth a Thousand words; what is a video worth? You can get your own Bug Off stick on our website or any Saturday at the Carolina Beach Farmers Market.

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Word of Mouth

Words are powerful tools.  And word of mouth about a business can often make or break that business.  We were blessed yesterday to see some positive word of mouth advertising in action.  Let me tell you about it-

The phone rang a few minutes before 10 am and Gayle answered, “Thank you for calling Glynne’s Soaps.  This is Gayle.  How may I help you?”  What followed was a 15 minute conversation with a woman that had purchased some of our Rain lotion at the Carolina Beach Farmer’s Market a few weeks ago.  Her cousins were visiting and she pulled out the lotion to use it and they all fell in love.  The two cousins wanted her to call us to see where they could purchase some for themselves.  Since we do not have a store front(yet?) she told them that we would be happy for them to come to our house and see and smell all our soaps and lotions.  Gayle spent some time talking and laughing with them as they asked questions about the things we had available.  They finally decided on Rain (made with Lemongrass and Bergamot) soap and lotion and Tranquility (with Lavender and Chamomile) soap and lotion.  After choosing a place half way between the two groups, which turned out to be the Food Lion parking lot just across the bridge into Carolina Beach, we agreed to meet in a few minutes.  So, we packed up the soaps, lotions and sales manager and headed out.  When we arrived at the meeting place we met three incredibly nice, funny women.  We all had a great time laughing and getting to know each other.

I spoke some with the woman who made the original purchase at the Farmer’s Market and she told me that when she used the lotion while her daughter was visiting her daughter tried her best to “steal” it from her mom.  She said she was afraid to pull it out in front of others for fear that she would end up giving it away.  And that her cousins made her call today so they could get some lotions of their own.  I assured her that we were always willing to meet her, or her friends and let them get what they wanted.

It really was a fun experience.  And more than the sale, Gayle and I felt that we met some wonderful people.  It is always exciting to see someone enjoying the fruits of your labor.

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