Bug Off (Product Spotlight)

It’s beginning to look a lot like summer!  At our place, the process of getting the pool ready for the season has begun, the weather is beautiful and the bugs are out.  This weekend we were besieged by a multitude of annoying bitting critters.  Fortunately, Glynne’s Soaps makes a product that can help.  Our Bug Off contains six essential oils that are known for their bug repelling properties.  When combined, they create an effective barrier between your skin and the bothersome bugs.

Bug Off comes in soap and lotion form and includes eucalyptus, citronella, cedar, peppermint, lavender and ravensara essential oils**.  The base is a special combination of oils designed to keep your skin feeling smooth and moisturized, even in the driest summers.

But don’t take our word for it, check out some product reviews given by customers here and here.

So, stop by our website, or come see us at one of our events and try it for yourself.  You’ll be glad you did.

**The FDA has not evaluated statements regarding the uses of essential oils or other ingredients as a bug or insect repellent. Glynne’s Soaps makes no claims regarding the use of these essential oils

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The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

If you live anywhere on the east coast, or have access to The Weather Channel, you know that there has been a “major rain event”.  Here in Wilmington we received somewhere around 24″ of rain in three days.  The rainfall broke the record that was set by Hurricane Floyd back in 1999.  There seems to be standing water everywhere, and you know that standing water is an invitation for mosquitoes to breed like crazy.

One of the best ways to keep these pesky bugs from biting is to use Glynne’s Soaps Bug Off Lotion or Bug Off Soap.  Both products contain a blend of 6 essential oils that all have bug repelling properties*.  Many of our customers have had great success with these products and are quick to recommend them to everyone.  In fact, you can read about it and view some testimonials here.  We are extremely pleased with the success of this product.  Make sure you head over to our website and get some before the bugs carry you away.

The Arrow Indicates Where Our Booth Would Be

Another negative effect of all the rain is that the Carolina Beach Farmer’s Market has been cancelled for tomorrow, October, 2nd, 2010.  It seems that the beautiful area near the lake that is home to the farmer’s market is underwater (see above photo) .  However you will be able to find Glynne’s Soaps at The Scandinavian Heritage Festival in Myrtle Beach, SC.  So, if you are near Myrtle Beach on Saturday, or just want to head that way for something fun, stop by our booth and say HI.  We would love to see you.

*The FDA has not evaluated statements regarding the uses of essential oils or other ingredients. Glynne’s Soaps makes no claims regarding the use of these essential oils.
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Summer Protection

Everyone hates mosquitoes! I’m not even convinced mosquito moms love mosquitoes! Our human loathing of the pests have caused us to use some pretty nasty stuff to keep them away. For years, bug repellents containing DEET were used liberally to keep the bugs from biting. Most commercial bug sprays that you can buy at the store today have DEET as their main active ingredient. The only problem with that is that DEET, in the long run, is probably more dangerous than the actual mosquito bite. It can react with skin causing anything from a slight rash to seizure. There have been a few reports of people dying after using products containing DEET. As more and more research is being performed, it is showing that DEET also can cause brain damage after repeated exposure. And to make matters worse, the toxic effects of DEET were increased when it was combined with other chemicals such as those found in sunscreens.

Some people say that DEET is completely harmless, and an effective way to keep the bugs away, but it is a pesticide made from synthetic chemicals. There is nothing natural about it, and as more and more research is being performed regarding the long term effects of this pesticide, it is better to be safe than sorry.

There are, however, all natural alternatives to covering your body with pesticides. Glynne’s Soaps Bug Off Soap and Bug Off Lotion contain 6 natural essential oils that have bug repelling properties*. They have been shown to be effective against mosquitoes, ticks, flies and other biting annoying insects.

Some people have found that applying the lotion after bites (even from fire ants) will reduce the itching and burning.

This summer, use an all natural alternative to chemical pesticides on yourself and your children. It’s the smart choice.

*The FDA has not evaluated statements regarding the uses of essential oils or other ingredients. Glynne’s Soaps makes no claims regarding the use of these essential oils.

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Heat, Humidity and BUGS

We live in coastal North Carolina. In the summer, there are really only two topics heat (humidity), and BUGS! Short of staying in the Air Conditioning and avoiding the beautiful outdoors, we have yet to find a solution to heat and humidity but we can help with the bugs.

We have thoroughly enjoyed being at The Carolina Beach Farmer’s Market every Saturday! Not only does it give us the chance to meet people and tell them about our products; it gives us the opportunity to get feedback about our products. There is no better feeling than hearing how much someone enjoys your creation!

Sure it’s great when someone stops and buys our products again but there is a special thrill when some just stops to tell us how well it worked for them or that they made a special trip to Farmer’s Market to see us. Knowing you are making a difference is its own special reward!

Our product that gets the most attention is Bug Off. Our Bug Off is made with a proprietary blend of six (6) different essential oils. Each of which have bug repelling properties. As you might imagine the first question someone asks is, ‘Does it work?’ Naturally, when I answer, there is a certain amount of understood bias but when a user walks up and tells their unbiased experience, we can’t keep enough of it made.

My solution, buy a Flip (affiliate link) and begin to film the testimonials as people shared them at Farmer’s Market.  Last Saturday, I filmed my first testimonial (I was very excited). Now, I want to share it with you.

Makes me wonder, if a picture is worth a Thousand words; what is a video worth? You can get your own Bug Off stick on our website or any Saturday at the Carolina Beach Farmers Market.

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Stretching our love of the Canine to include the Lupine

Christine Johnson

Today at Glynne’s Soaps, we’re talking about werewolves. Yes, werewolves! Howl-at-the-moon, transform-in-the-forest werewolves. In celebration of Christine Johnson’s werewolf novel, CLAIRE DE LUNE, available in bookstores today, we’re stretching our love of the canine to include the lupine.

Werewolves’ senses are much stronger than those of a normal human. While your sensitive nose might be bothered by the artificial scents that clog the soap-and-body-wash aisle at the nearest big-box store, to a werewolf – even in human form – those same smells are overwhelming.

And once they’ve transformed? Forget it. They don’t smell artificial raspberry, they smell the chemicals that have been combined to trick our pathetic human sniffers into smelling ripe fruit. But werewolves want to smell nice, just like other human women (there are no male werewolves. You knew that, right?) What’s a girl – er, wolf to do?

Go natural, of course.

All-natural soaps are a necessity to the lycanthropes among us. The Rain and Citrus Zing scents are especially popular among the werewolf set. After a turn in their wolf-skin, it’s not only undesirable to reek of fur, it’s downright dangerous. Being caught means being subjected to a “cure” – only the cure can kill. Masking that eau-de-wolf with one of our yummy, natural scents is the best way to ensure that a werewolf’s hidden identity stays . . . well . . . hidden.

Of course, all those moonlit gatherings in the woods mean one thing in the summer – bugs. And lots of them. Our werewolf clients rave about our Bug Off line. Again, their strong senses mean that chemical insect repellants are out, but sitting around the ceremonial fire, waiting to transform, a werewolf’s tender human skin needs protection against the things in the woods that bite. Well – protection against the *other* things in the woods that bite.

Remember, werewolves begin their transformation on their sixteenth birthdays – the perfect time to introduce them to our products with one of our gift boxes. Including our dog soap is a subtle way of saying “I know what you are, but don’t worry, I won’t tell!”

For more information about werewolves or CLAIRE DE LUNE, please visit www.christinejohnsonbooks.com – for all of your skincare needs, human and wolf alike, head on over to our “Products” page and see what all the weres are buzzing about! “To take the big Werewolf Blog Tour, and win a copy of Claire de Lune, visit www.thegardenofwords.com for a list of blogs and the contest!”

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Weekend Woes

It was an absolutely glorious weekend here in Eastern North Carolina. Here at Glynne’s Soaps we spent the entire weekend recharging our batteries and renewing our spirit for the upcoming Farmer’s Market season. As we discussed in our last blog post spring has sprung and all things are waking up and enjoying the warmer temperatures and sunny days. Flowers are blooming, birds are singing and bugs are biting. While the mosquitoes have not made their début here in Eastern North Carolina, the “no see ‘ems” are out in force!

Greenfield Lake

Azaleas Blooming at Greenfield Lake

On Sunday, we enjoyed some time on our bikes as we rode around Greenfield Lake. The lake was beautiful and the azaleas were blooming and beautiful. We are riding with a newly formed group aptly named Slow Spoke Cyclists. It is for people who like to ride but wish to also take their time and enjoy the sights. Our ride would have been prefect, except our slow pace did not allow us to out run the “no see ‘ems

Now you may be wondering why, I am taking the time to tell you how our lovely ride was spoiled but what I am really telling you is about how we were caught out in the ‘real world’ without our own product. You see we make Bug Off in an all-natural soap AND an all-natural lotion which has six essential oils which all have bug repelling properties. We felt completely silly to have not taken some along with us.

Sure, we could use pesticides to keep the “no see ‘ems” and mosquitoes off us or the fleas off our dogs but when we consider the impact on our health and on the environment as a whole, we choose to act responsibility for us all. Is Bug Off lotion or Bug Off soap the right choice for you, too?

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Winter Skin Care

We are right in the middle of the cold winter season.  For some, it’s the coldest winter on record.  Unfortunately, the cold weather is very drying to your skin.  And dry, chapped, cracked skin can be very painful and unattractive.  Fortunately, there are some things you can do that will help keep your skin soft and healthy through the long cold winter.  Here are some easy things you can do for your skin while the temperatures are so low.

  1.  Turn down the hot water.  Bathing in hot water is very drying to your skin.  If you turn down the hot and use warm to luke-warm water your skin will thank you.
  2. Exfoliate 1-2 times a week.  Exfoliating is the best thing you can do for dry skin.  Use an oil based sugar or salt scrub to get the best results.  The oil will also moisturize your skin.
  3.  Get rid of the detergent bar from the grocery store.  Detergent bars such as Dial, Ivory, etc strip your skin of dirt and oils.  All the oils, good and bad.  They will leave your skin clean, but extra dry without any protection.  Switch to an all natural soap made with olive oil and coconut oil (they are the most moisturizing), try any of the soaps from Glynne’s Soaps as they are all made with olive and coconut oil.
  4.  Moisturize.  An all natural lotion can go a long way toward keeping your skin soft and healthy.  Use it daily for best results.  Did you know that Glynne’s Soaps now makes lotions?  Check out our website for more details.
  5.  Pat dry.  Instead of rubbing and scrubbing your skin with a towel, pat yourself dry.  This will help your skin retain more moisture than rubbing does.

Follow these five tips this winter and you will notice a considerable difference in your skin.  Use Glynne’s Soaps all natural soaps and lotions and say goodbye to dry cracked skin and hello to soft touchable skin.

Don’t forget about our contest.  Sign up for our newsletter before January 28th and be registered to win a free sample stack of Glynne’s Soaps.

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Out with the Old – in with the New

Tomorrow, along with being the last day of 2009, is Glynne’s Soaps Planning Day.  We are going to spend the day getting ready for the New Year.  There will be some exciting things happening in 2010.  We have lots of ideas and it will be fun to get them down on paper and plan it all out.

What I can do is give you a sneak peak at a few new things that have arrived or will be coming soon.  We are excited to have released our line of lotions.  The scents match some of our more popular soaps.  We currently have Bug Off, Frankincense & Myrrh, Tranquility, and Hipp”E” lotions available on our website.

Coming very early in 2010 will be body scrubs.  Again we will be releasing scents that will compliment our popular soaps.  Along the way, we will also be introducing Glynne’s Soaps bath bombs and some additional pet products.

Keep on the lookout for these new items along with others coming soon.  And head to our website to purchase some lotion in your favorite scents.

We wish you all a very Happy, Healthy and Clean New Year!

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