Giving Tuesday

Before Thanksgiving we sent a newsletter. In it we shared things we were thankful for in our lives. The last thing was the ability to give.

Here’s what we wrote (plus a little more):

It is easy to think of all the things we lack. All the wants we have. But we are thankful that we are able to share our bounty (meager though it may be). The Glynne’s Soaps staff hopes you will consider sharing your bounty as well! Here are a few of our favorite causes:

The Food Bank of Central and Eastern NC

It is beyond my comprehension that there are people in the United states of America who are without food. I think of the $5 I spent last night on junk food just because. Then I think of how much the food bank can do with so little.

2013 Holiday Meals Drive

• For every $1.00 donated, the Food Bank can provide $10 worth of food or 5 meals.

• A gift of $35 will provide enough food to sustain a family for over two weeks.

• A gift of $75 will provide groceries to an elderly couple for over two months.

Click HERE to donate

If you can’t donate at least go click like on their facebook page. The Food Bank will receive $2 for every new like via The Food Effect and North Carolina Pork Council up to $2,000 for families in need. It won’t cost you a dime but it will make a difference in some hungry person’s life.

Dalmatian Rescue of Southwest Virginia

If you follow our Facebook you know we are crazy for our Dalmatians, Wrigley and Marshall. They bring joy and enrich our lives daily. Those guys wouldn’t be here with us without the efforts of a great group of people who dedicate themselves to Dalmatian rescue. Every day Dalmatian Rescue of Southwest Virginia Provides temporary care and shelter for stray, abandoned and relinquished Dalmatians, and they work tirelessly to place as many as possible into responsible and caring homes.

Click HERE to donate

The Pleasure Island Sea Turtle Project

We spent a lot of time on the beach this summer with who we lovingly call the turtle peeps. This dedicated group spends thousands of man hours each year working to preserve and protect threatened and endangered sea turtles in Kure and Carolina Beach.

During nesting season (May 1 – August 31) they patrol from the southern end of Kure Beach to the northern end (including Freeman Park) of Carolina Beach daily. They also assure that the babies from each nest laid has the best possible chance of survival. We have read a statistic that says only 1% survives to adulthood. It is hard yet rewarding work.

Click HERE to donate

If these aren’t the causes for you…that’s okay! Just give and give generously.

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We’ll be at RiverFest, Will You?

Again this year, for RiverFest,  we will be set up outside The City Market at 170 S Water St, in downtown Wilmington. The actual street fair reaches from Water Street to Cape Fear Community College and while this is a fun place to people watch and eat funnel cakes; our experience says it does not give us the time to talk with and share with customers. The smaller venue at the Old City Market allows us to be in a more relaxed setting and to bring Marshall (which as you know is important)!


View Larger Map
Enjoy your funnel cake, watch some people, and then come on down to the Old City Market. You’ll be glad you did!

This year Marshall will be tweeting and facebooking deals and bargains. Be sure to follow us on social media (links at the bottom of this post) or search #soapdeals to get in on the fun.

Make us part of your weekend plans.  We would love to see you! and we know you’ll want to come see Marshall!

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Our goal is to make the best devices in the world, not to be the biggest.

- Steve Jobs 

Our goal is to make the best all natural products in the world, not to be the biggest.

- Gayle & Jenn


We are unbelievably excited (and to be honest a little scared) to announce that Glynne’s Soaps is moving out of the kitchen!

It has been our goal since Glynne’s Soaps inception that one day operations would move out of our kitchen and into its own space. Three years ago we partially reached that goal, we rented warehouse space and move our storage offsite. However, all our manufacturing remained here in our kitchen.

Today we are proud to announce that we have taken the leap…


24 N Front St

…and we have rented studio space above Crescent Moon at 24 N Front Street! Soon our entire operation will be moving.  We will also have kiosk space in Crescent Moon where you will be able to purchase all of your favorite Glynne’s Soaps. Crescent Moon is a Gift Gallery featuring hand crafted American art.  Glynne’s Soaps is excited to be a part of this wonderful collection.

The entire staff of Glynne’s Soaps is thrilled about our move (okay maybe not Marshall whose tail is far to waggley to be in a gallery of many glass items), and we are looking forward to this new adventure.  We plan to be moved in by October 15th.  Make sure to stop by Crescent Moon at 24 N Front St in downtown Wilmington to say Hi.

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Is Your Shower Killing You?

A recent study by the Center for Environmental Health discovered a cancer causing chemical in at least 98 soaps and shampoos, some of which are labeled organic.

The Culprit

Is this worth your health?

Cocomide DEA is a chemically modified form of coconut oil that is used as a foaming agent.  Cocmide DEA is a Group  2B carcinogen, which means it is possibly carcinogenic to humans.  It also has a high irritation potential.  All this means is that the cocomide DEA in your soaps and shampoos has the potential to cause cancer and also severely irritate your skin.

To see the list of products found to contain cocomide DEA, follow this link.  You can also look at the list of ingredients on your soaps and shampoos for “cocomide DEA”.

What is the Alternative? 

The best alternative for you and your family is to choose soaps and shampoos that truly are all natural!

Completely Natural Soap (even the scent)

Here at Glynne’s Soaps we refuse to make a soap we wouldn’t use on us our our beloved pets!  We use only the finest all natural ingredients that are safe for you and your family.

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Celebrate National Mom and Pop Business Day

Today is National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day. While no one here at Glynne’s Soaps is a mom (nor a pop), unless of course you count two cute Dalmatians as kids – and we do, we are a small business swimming upstream against the hard tide of big competitors.

Photo by marj k on Flickr

Make no mistake it is a hard tide!

Go to any grocery store or big box sell everything store and walk down the isle of soaps and you will see that hard tide of competition. There are the bad for your skin full of chemical stuff, then there is the national brand which clams to be an all natural (I’m not commenting on whether they are or not) but they are all there and lets face it, it is easy to just pick one up and put it in your cart.

But our swim against the hard tide doesn’t stop there. Recently a friend said to me, ‘why don’t you sell your soaps unwrapped like the other local soap makers?’ After taking time to close my mouth, and resist the slapping urge, I calmly (at least in my mind) explained yet again, the difference between melt and pour soaps and natural soaps, the difference between unnatural colors and dyes and natural color and the difference between fragrance (synthetic) oils and therapeutic grade essential oils. I also explained that our business plan is to create the best possible natural product (not necessarily the prettiest product – although I do think out products are pretty).

Here at Glynne’s Soaps we are celebrating National Mom and Pop Business Day by continuing to make the best possible products from the best possible ingredients.

Thank you for continuing to choose our products for you and your pets.

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How to Naturally Clean Your Coffee Pot


Here at Glynne’s Soaps we love coffee.  Especially Gayle!

We love coffee so much we’ve even made it into a soap (but that’s another story).

We have this great coffeemaker which grinds the beans just before brewing the coffee! It makes the best coffee and the smell of the freshly ground coffee is delightful! Gayle drinks almost  an entire pot of coffee by herself every morning (Jenn usually limits herself to only one cup) and some mornings we actually make a second pot.  It’s not uncommon for us to make a pot in the evening as well.

Needless to say, our coffee pot gets a workout.

Our coffee pot gets a wash every day. We take out all the moving parts (baskets, pot, grinding area) and give them a clean and at the very least a rinse. However, eventually the coffee begins to taste bitter.

To keep the coffee tasting fresh and not bitter, it’s important to clean out the innards of the pot every so often.

This can be done very simply with just water and vinegar.

The best way to do this is to follow these steps:

  1. Make a mixture that is half water and half vinegar.
  2. Put a filter in your coffee maker, as usual.
  3. Pour the vinegar/water mix where you would normally add the water.
  4. Turn the coffee pot on and let it run.
  5. Throw out the filter and rinse the pot.  You should let your coffee pot cool for about 15 minutes before filling with cold water.  Otherwise, the glass may crack.
  6. Repeat steps 2-5 using water only.
  7. Run the cycle with fresh water a second time.

Your coffee pot should now be nice and clean.  It’s probably good to repeat this process every few months or so.

Here is a comparison of the water/vinegar mix after it ran through the coffee pot, and then the second rinse water after it’s cycle.  There is a huge difference in the color of the water.

Water - Vinegar mix

After second rinse

I think you will be pleased with the result.  And the best part?  It’s all natural, no chemicals or other crazy cleaners are used.

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Why What We Do Is Not a Craft

March is National Craft Month.  Which makes me happy because I am starting to open up my creative side and be more crafty.  I have recently learned to crochet, and I have plans to begin making paper in the near future.   Actually, I probably have a million other crafty ideas out there just waiting to burst forth.

However, the bulk of what I do as soap maker for Glynne’s Soaps is not crafty – It’s Chemistry.  

Yes, it’s fun and creative, but it’s truly a science – not just a craft.  And here’s why.

  1. Research & Development - All of Glynne’s Soaps products have gone through rigorous research, testing and trial & error before coming to market.  We do not purchase pre-made base for any of our products.  Everything is made from the raw materials, and the amounts and proportions have been carefully selected based on the properties they give to the item.
  2. Safety – Because we start with raw materials in our soap making, we do use sodium hydroxide (lye) in the process.  As Gayle is fond of saying “You can’t make soap without lye, and anyone who tells you they did is lying.”.  Putting the fun play on words aside, her statement is 100% true.  But because of my science background and chemistry knowledge, I create a formula that includes enough oils to fully bond with the lye, removing all it’s harsh properties and leaving only safe, moisturizing soap.
  3. Knowledge -  My MS in Chemistry and 10 years experience working for a research & development lab of a pharmaceutical company gives me knowledge of the chemical process that goes along with the production of soap and also an understanding of the properties of the natural ingredients we use.  Each ingredient is chosen with regard to the specific properties it brings to the products – including the essential oils that are responsible for the scents and therapeutic properties they provide.

Soapmaking isn’t a cute hobby at Glynne’s Soaps. We put years of experience, copious amounts of research, a large amount of time and expertise into every product we create. We’re not saying there is no artistry or craftsmanship to what we do – have you seen our labels? You may even see us at a Farmers Market, and maybe even the occasional craft or Art show, but our soaps  aren’t just pretty and fun they are functional and environmentally safe.

There are plenty of craft soaps out there. People who buy a base (often glycerin) add scent or fun colors and say they are making soap. When what they are actually doing is crafting soap.

Look for more blog posts this month on the ingredients, and processes we use to create the best natural soaps and more for you and your pets.


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5 Things You can do to Impact the World

Yesterday was “Create a Vacuum Day”. We don’t really know anyone who has created a vacuum but we do see people everyday who seem to believe they live in a vacuum.

We’re betting you too have encountered those who seemingly believe  nothing they do affects the people or the world around them.  They are just free to live in their own little space.  They choose to throw their trash on the ground, which not only has an environmental impact  but also affects the beauty of the area and the good feelings of those passing through.  They choose to spew hate instead of a positive attitude which creates chaos around them instead of peace.

Everything you and I do has an impact on this place we call Earth.

We can choose to make that influence positive or negative.  I don’t know about you, but here at Glynne’s Soaps, we are choosing to effect the world in a positive way whenever possible.

Whether it’s an environmental impact, or just something that brings a smile to a coworkers face, there are many things you can do that will leave a positive impression on the world around you.  Tweet this.

For today’s How To Tuesday, we are sharing our top 5 ways to positively impact your world!

  1. Use all natural products as much as possible.  Everything that gets washed down the drain will eventually make it to the oceans, rivers and our water supplies.  It’s not the first thing people think about when they pick up their soap in the shower, or use those scrubbing bubbles  to clean the toilet.  All those chemicals have an impact on the world around you.  So when you are choosing what to wash with or what to clean your clothes with – pick something natural.    Glynne’s Soaps makes a full line of all natural skin care products you can use.   We have also posted on how to make your own natural laundry detergent and how to remove rust stains all naturally.
  2. Recycle.  Americans create over 243 million tons of trash each year.  Recycling goes a long way toward decreasing this number and the impact that much garbage has on the environment.  Last year, enough paper was recycled to save 41 million trees.  Find out what you should be recycling and do your part to reduce the amount of garbage tossed in landfills.
  3. Share a kind word.  It takes little energy or time, but can be the difference between making or breaking someone’s day.  Just be taking a moment to say a kind word, you can have a huge impact on the people around you.  Researchers in Germany have shown that words have an impact on the brain.  ”Even verbal stimuli lead to reactions in certain areas of the brain”, says Dr. Thomas Weiss from the Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena.  You have no idea the effect your words might have on another person,  by speaking positively, you can improve someone’s day or more.
  4. Volunteer.  Whether you give time or money, find a cause that is important to you and give.  You will feel great for making a difference, and the time you spend will definitely leave a positive impression.
  5. Speak Out.Is there something that you feel strongly about?  Do you see wrongs that need to be righted?  Then get involved and speak out.  you can do a Google search and find groups that are involved with just about any social or political issue under the sun.  You can check with your local church to find a group.  Write letters or visit your local politicians to get your voice heard.  You never know what you might be able to change by just speaking out.

We would really like to hear about the ways you are living outside the vacuum. How are you impacting your world in a positive way?


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Good Soap AND Good Food!

Who doesn’t love good BBQ?  However, one persons idea of what is good can be completely different from another’s.

Gayle, for example, loves Lexington style BBQ.

The Lexington style of barbecue  uses a vinegar-based “red” sauce that is seasoned with ketchup, vinegar, and pepper, along with other spices that vary from recipe to recipe. It is most common in the Piedmont (central) and western areas of the NC. This style uses only the pork shoulder section of the pig. As with other styles of barbecue, the recipes vary widely, and can include many different ingredients, and range from slightly sweet to hot and spicy. The sauce also serves as the seasoning base for “red slaw” (also called “barbecue slaw”), which is coleslaw made by using Lexington-style barbecue sauce in place of mayonnaise. (BBQ descriptions via

When I was growing up in California “BBQ” meant anything cooked on a grill….including hot dogs, steak or even shrimp. <– yes, Gayle makes fun of that!

Here where we live – Eastern NC – the Eastern style is the BBQ most often available.

It is a light vinegar-based sauce and uses the “whole hog” as the meat (not including internal organs), and is often said to use “every part of the hog except the squeal.” Many recipes use only vinegar and pepper, and rely on the smoking process for the overall flavor.

After almost 20 years in Eastern NC, even Gayle has acquired a taste for this BBQ.

There is an event this weekend that will help solve the problem of “which BBQ style do you like best”.  

We have no doubt the variations of sauces will be vast as many of the cooks hail from all over not only North Carolina but all part of the United States.

Step Up for Soldiers is hosting the 2nd Annual Backyard BBQ Cook Off.  27 different cooking teams will be given the same cut of pork and the same amount of time to work their magic.  Then it will be up to YOU and a panel of distinguished judges to determine who’s BBQ is best.

Starting at 11am on Saturday around the Lake in Carolina Beach you will be able to sample the hard work of these 27 dedicated groups.  For a donation of $1 per taste, you can decide for yourself the best BBQ on the beach.  There will also be burgers, hot dogs, seafood and other food items available for purchase.  Live music and a plethora of vendors round out the event.

Of course, we will be there with all our products.  Make sure to stop by the booth and stock up.   In this cold weather, a good natural soap that won’t dry your skin is a MUST HAVE.  We’ll have lotions and lip balm to help keep you soft as well.

It’s free to come walk around and enjoy the atmosphere, so come spend part of your Saturday with us.

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Five Tips for How to Enjoy National Bubble Bath Day

Taking a bath – just the sound of it is relaxing!

National Bubble Bath Day Tips for an ALL Natural Bath

National Bubble Bath Day

In ancient Greece and ancient India elaborate baths were created for their royals. In Japan baths are Zen-like settings and bathing is a ritual. Baths are one of the oldest and most relaxing methods of cleansing our bodies and what could be more natural?

Yet, baths offer so much more! Baths are a natural method to warm the extremities; a natural soother of sore muscles; a natural way to moisturize dry skin and a natural non-pharmaceutical manner to help clear the nasal passages.

Unfortunately, most of us rarely allow ourselves the time to relax and indulge in a bath.


And plan now to take a bath. Today is National Bubble Bath Day! And we think you NEED to celebrate.

Here are five steps to help you do just that:

1. Take a shower – We know, it sounds strange, but trust us. Feeling clean BEFORE your bath will make the experience more of a spa treatment and less of a getting clean chore. TIP: Your cleansing shower is a perfect time to exfoliate; your pores will be more open to any essential oils or bath salts.

2. Create a calming atmosphere – Some of our favorites for doing this are to treat ourselves to candles (Gayle prefers our Citrus Zing natural soy candle – it’s and orange and ginger scent and Jenn prefers the Frankincense and Myrrh natural soy candle – even when it’s not Christmas. Many of our customers enjoy the Hipp’e’ natural soy candle at bath time).

We also recommend some soothing music (We both agree that’s something without words – for Gayle it’s Yanni and for Jenn it’s Beethoven). TIP: Make sure no electrical devices like radios are close enough they could fall into the tub and be aware of candle placement (it is an open flame).

3. Fill your tub with hot water….but not too hot… the best temperature for your relaxing bath should be 100 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the temperature that has been shown to relax and un-tighten the muscles. 100° is also the temperature at which your brain stimulates calming chemicals. TIP: Placing a warm wet washcloth on the chest area can help infuse warmth through your body.

4. Add bath salts. No these are not the narcotics we’ve all read so much about but rather true salts used to help with relaxation. Naturally, we prefer the all natural ones made by Glynne’s Soaps! Bath Soaks (as we call them) are ideal for both easing inflammation and relaxing sore muscles. TIP: while filling the tub close the curtain or doors to keep in the steam and scents.

Julia Roberts Bubble Bath

Julia used a folded towel

5. Get in and enjoy. Plan to stay in your bath for 20-30 minutes – any longer and you’re in danger of falling asleep, which can be hazardous. TIP: You can add an inflatable pillow to your bath for comfort – although a folded natural fiber cotton towel works just as well.

Oh, and for today, we recommending adding in a few bubbles….after all it is National Bubble Bath Day!


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