Things to do in Downtown Wilmington – Front Street Brewery

There is a place downtown that we spend quite a lot of time at.  They have good food, a great atmosphere and a super staff.  It doesn’t hurt that every time we open a menu, we see “Glynne’s Soaps” on the first page!


Front Street Brewery makes excellent chicken nachos, ribs and french fries, along with other things.  We frequently enjoy half price appetizers in the afternoons.  The staff is very friendly and accommodating.  The location is great – right downtown with outside seating so you can enjoy people watching while you eat.  The outside seating is Wrigley’s favorite part of eating at Front Street Brewery.

Wrigley enjoying lunch at Front Street Brewery

While you are downtown enjoying some fried pickles (another one of my favorites) you can also purchase soap and lip balm made using some of Front Street Brewery’s signature beers.  Scottish Ale and IPA  are used to make soaps that are extremely moisturizing and great for your skin.  They also smell wonderful and make a great gift for anyone who enjoys beer.  The lip balm flavors include Raspberry Wheat and Scottish Ale.  The Raspberry Wheat is  full of raspberry flavor and the Scottish Ale tastes like the ale with a touch of chocolate to enhance that aspect of the flavor.

The soaps, lip balm and beer are locally made with only the finest ingredients.

If you find yourself downtown, have a meal at Front Street Brewery and take time to enjoy some of what downtown Wilmington has to offer.


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The Coastal Roaster – Wilmington’s own “Central Perk”

This may date me, but I don’t care – I was a fan of the TV show Friends.  The carefree, no real jobs, all the time and money in the world fantasy appealed to me.  One of the areas of their fake lives that I have come close to recreating is the time spend at “Central Perk“, the local coffee shop on the show.  The coffee shop we frequent is The Coastal Roaster in the Beau Rivage shopping center.

The Coastal Roaster

It’s a great place to come spend time, morning or evening.  I do a lot of work here, sitting with my computer a few mornings each week.  The owners are almost always on site and extremely friendly.  The baristas are knowledgeable and willing to work with you to create the perfect cup of coffee.

Aside from spacious inside seating, they offer an outside patio that is very inviting.  Many an evening you can have a beer, glass of wine or cup of coffee while sitting and enjoying live music.  We stopped in the other evening just to get some coffee to go and ended up sitting outside listening to music for a few hours.  It was wonderfully relaxing.

The beer and wine are something you can’t get at just any coffee shop.  On Sunday afternoons they also offer a Bloody Mary bar.  ”We pour ‘em, You fix ‘em” is the tag line for this unique opportunity.

We have come to work, to sit and play backgammon or chat; alone and with a group and have always had a great time.

The next time you want an exceptional coffee experience, forget the chain coffee shops and come to the locally owned Coastal Roaster; you just might find some new friends.

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The Veggie Wagon – Fresh North Carolina Products

The Veggie Wagon is located in Carolina Beach on Lake Park Blvd., and will celebrate it’s first anniversary in April.  The Veggie Wagon is committed to bringing it’s customers the best in natural North Carolina fruits, vegetables and other products, including Glynne’s Soaps.  They also will deliver fresh, in-season vegetables right to your door.

The Veggie Wagon has many events during the week to give you a chance to try some of what they have to offer.  Tuesday evenings from 5-7 you can taste a selection of wines and on Thursday evenings you can participate in a beer tasting.

They also offer products made on site that include granola, mozzarella cheese (which we lovingly refer to as “crack cheese”, it’s that addicting), and various cookies, muffins and other baked goods.  There are even a growing number of gluten free choices.

The Veggie Wagon is a great place to get fresh, in-season fruits and vegetables and a host of other North Carolina products.  Be sure to add them to your weekly shopping list.

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Taste The Olive – A Gourmet Shop for Everyone

Taste The Olive is a gourmet olive oil shop located in the Forum on Military Cut off Rd.  Now, before you stop reading and dismiss it because you think that an entire store dedicated to olive oil would be boring – don’t give up yet.

Taste the Olive is so much more than just olive oil.  Of course, they have a wide variety of flavored oils and vinegar. The store is set up as a tasting bar so you are able to taste all the oils and vinegar (our favorite part).  My favorite is the blueberry balsamic vinegar – I’ve heard it’s great on ice cream.  They also have an oil that is butter flavored.  It is amazing and so much better for you that butter or margarine.

Kymberli, the owner of Taste The Olive

The health benefits of olive oil, both internally and externally are almost too great to mention.  From it’s high antioxidant level to it’s Omega-3 fatty acid content, it is just full of good qualities.

In addition to the oil and vinegar, the shop also carries salts and other spices, specialty foods, including a great selection of cheeses, wine and, of course, body care products.  You can purchase all of Glynne’s Soaps Simply Olive Oil line of soaps at Taste The Olive; we have three scents – Lemonbalm, Lavender and an Unscented variety.  Olive oil is extremely moisturizing and great for your skin.

We also make two different custom lip balms that use oils from the store to get their moisturizing qualities and their flavor.  The first is made with a blood orange fused oil.  When the olives are pressed to obtain the oil, blood oranges are pressed as well, allowing the flavor of the orange to permeate the oil.  This lip balm has no other flavoring or scent to let the great orange flavor shine.  The second lip balm is made with the lime fused oil and we have added a mint essential oil for a flavor very close to a mojito.

If you haven’t been to Taste The Olive yet, you are missing a real experience.  And next time you do go in, tell them “The Soap Ladies” said Hi!


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Aunt Kerry’s Pet Stop – Where the Cool Kids Shop

We delivered dog soaps and breath spray to one of our favorite places last week – Aunt Kerry’s Pet Stop and when we walked in the door our jaws dropped in surprise!  Aunt’s Kerry’s has undergone a total transformation. We knew it was happening, we just hadn’t been in to see it yet.

Aunt Kerry's Pet Stop has a new look

For those of you who don’t know, Aunt Kerry is one of the people who was instrumental in our starting Glynne’s Soaps.  She tried our first soaps on her kids and gave invaluable advice on packaging, pricing and other necessary business stuff.  She also was our first wholesale customer.  Aunt Kerry’s Pet Stop is her store and it is chock full of great stuff for your fur kids.  They specialize in natural and healthy food and treats and the entire staff is very knowledgeable about all of them.  They also carry toys, grooming products and other dog and cat related items.

The remodel of the store has really opened up the middle – creating a much bigger space with more products, but also a more open feel.  It definitely isn’t as cramped to walk around in there, especially if your dog is with you.

And you have got to check out the bakery case up at the register.  It’s

Everyone needs a St Patrick's Day cookie

full of fun shaped cookies for your dog that fit every occasion.  Right now they are highlighting the green beer mug shaped cookies for St. Patrick’s Day.

So, if you are anywhere near Wilmington, NC and have never been to Aunt Kerry’s Pet Stop, you are missing out on the best pet store in the area.  And if you do shop there, get in soon to check out the new and improved layout.    And when you do go in – tell them “The Soap Ladies” say HI!

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