When Christmas is gone – What to do with a Christmas Tree?

Well, since the world didn’t end, I guess I need to write a blog post!  Too bad I put off all my Christmas shopping as well :)

Because it is the mission of Glynne’s Soaps to make the very best all natural products. And because personally Gayle & I strive for more sustainable living, we have decided to begin a new feature of our blog; we’re calling it “Farmer Friday”

Friday’s blog posts will be all about recycling, growing a garden and other ideas for living a less wasteful, and more natural life.

Our first post for “Farmer Friday” will discuss something that many of us will have to deal with in the next week or so….what to do with your Christmas Tree now that the holiday is over.

Please don’t take this wrong….we’re not rushing the holiday. We’re just thinking and planning ahead.

Having a live tree in the house for the season can be a joyous experience; the fresh smell, the beauty of nature, but unfortunately, it can’t live in your living room forever.  So, what do you do with it after all the ornaments and tinsel have been removed?  You can just throw it out with the trash, but why not do something that will allow it to be useful instead of just decaying in a pile.

Here are some alternatives for you to consider when disposing of your tree:

  • Make your own mulch.  With access to a wood chipper, you can turn that tree into mulch to use in your garden
  • Create a bird habitat.  If you have room in your yard, you can create a space for birds to winter.  Secure the tree (use the stand, if you don’t have other options), then add pine cone bird feeders, suet or string popcorn to attract the birds.  You and your family can enjoy watching them all winter long.
  • Create a fish habitat.  Place cut pieces of tree in a pond for the fish to hide in.  If you don’t have your own pond, or know someone who does, call your state’s Department of Natural Resources and ask if they can use your tree.
  • Stopping erosion in Chesapeake BayHelp stop shoreline erosion.Christmas trees can be used to help reduce erosion on the beach. The branches and trunk provide barriers that reduce the amount of sand that gets washed away. They can also help rebuild areas, especially after hurricanes, by collecting sand deposits.  Before you just go throw your tree on the beach or near the closest lake, call the Department of Natural Resources to see if they can use your tree for this purpose.
  • Recycle.  Find the nearest recycling center that will take your tree. They might even come pick it up for you.

All of these options require you to completely remove all decorations from your tree, and will not work if your tree has been flocked or chemically treated in any way.

Whatever you decide to do with your live tree after this holiday season, don’t just send it to the dump.  Let it complete it’s life as something useful.

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