We’ll be at RiverFest, Will You?

Again this year, for RiverFest,  we will be set up outside The City Market at 170 S Water St, in downtown Wilmington. The actual street fair reaches from Water Street to Cape Fear Community College and while this is a fun place to people watch and eat funnel cakes; our experience says it does not give us the time to talk with and share with customers. The smaller venue at the Old City Market allows us to be in a more relaxed setting and to bring Marshall (which as you know is important)!


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Enjoy your funnel cake, watch some people, and then come on down to the Old City Market. You’ll be glad you did!

This year Marshall will be tweeting and facebooking deals and bargains. Be sure to follow us on social media (links at the bottom of this post) or search #soapdeals to get in on the fun.

Make us part of your weekend plans.  We would love to see you! and we know you’ll want to come see Marshall!

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Good Soap AND Good Food!

Who doesn’t love good BBQ?  However, one persons idea of what is good can be completely different from another’s.

Gayle, for example, loves Lexington style BBQ.

The Lexington style of barbecue  uses a vinegar-based “red” sauce that is seasoned with ketchup, vinegar, and pepper, along with other spices that vary from recipe to recipe. It is most common in the Piedmont (central) and western areas of the NC. This style uses only the pork shoulder section of the pig. As with other styles of barbecue, the recipes vary widely, and can include many different ingredients, and range from slightly sweet to hot and spicy. The sauce also serves as the seasoning base for “red slaw” (also called “barbecue slaw”), which is coleslaw made by using Lexington-style barbecue sauce in place of mayonnaise. (BBQ descriptions via wikipedia.org)

When I was growing up in California “BBQ” meant anything cooked on a grill….including hot dogs, steak or even shrimp. <– yes, Gayle makes fun of that!

Here where we live – Eastern NC – the Eastern style is the BBQ most often available.

It is a light vinegar-based sauce and uses the “whole hog” as the meat (not including internal organs), and is often said to use “every part of the hog except the squeal.” Many recipes use only vinegar and pepper, and rely on the smoking process for the overall flavor.

After almost 20 years in Eastern NC, even Gayle has acquired a taste for this BBQ.

There is an event this weekend that will help solve the problem of “which BBQ style do you like best”.  

We have no doubt the variations of sauces will be vast as many of the cooks hail from all over not only North Carolina but all part of the United States.

Step Up for Soldiers is hosting the 2nd Annual Backyard BBQ Cook Off.  27 different cooking teams will be given the same cut of pork and the same amount of time to work their magic.  Then it will be up to YOU and a panel of distinguished judges to determine who’s BBQ is best.

Starting at 11am on Saturday around the Lake in Carolina Beach you will be able to sample the hard work of these 27 dedicated groups.  For a donation of $1 per taste, you can decide for yourself the best BBQ on the beach.  There will also be burgers, hot dogs, seafood and other food items available for purchase.  Live music and a plethora of vendors round out the event.

Of course, we will be there with all our products.  Make sure to stop by the booth and stock up.   In this cold weather, a good natural soap that won’t dry your skin is a MUST HAVE.  We’ll have lotions and lip balm to help keep you soft as well.

It’s free to come walk around and enjoy the atmosphere, so come spend part of your Saturday with us.

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Local Shopping available this Saturday at The Pleasure Island Fresh Market and the Handmade Pop-Up Market

Did you know that there are only 17 more days until Christmas!  I know, it seems impossible, but it’s true!  That means you need to get out this weekend and get some shopping done!

And we know of two great places where you can find a wide variety of Christmas gifts, including all natural skin care products that were all made locally.  So you can get the perfect things for those on your list and support your community at the same time.  What could be better?

There are two opportunities this weekend for you to purchase from local folks, and Glynne’s Soaps will be at both locations.

The first is the Pleasure Island Fresh Market.  Located at the Carolina Beach Marina, this market showcases local vendors that carry jewelry  pastries, all natural soaps and more.

The other event is the Handmade Wilmington Pop Up Market.  This market will be located in the parking lot of the Hanover Shopping Center on the corner of Oleander and Independence.  It’s another great place to find holiday gifts.

We hope to see you at one (or both) of these locations tomorrow!  We will be happy to help you find something for everyone on your list.

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Cyber Monday

It’s cyber Monday! That special day each year when we gather together to buy stuff from the internet. (Usually from big box stores).

As you probably know – if you know anything about us at all – we’re not a big box store….heck we’re not even a little box store. We’re just two kids getting by on dreams and spare change :)

However, we’re plugging along…making soaps and such…petting the dogs and having fun!

So for cyber-Monday we’re continuing our Thanksgiving special….33% off everything – That’s 1/3 off the price for us non-mathy people!

Just use the code ‘gobblegobble’ at check out on our website and see 1/3 of the total disappear – like magic but more useful!

And remember shopping is safe with us because we use paypal or google checkout (either of which is VERY secure) and we don’t have access to ANY payment information :)

Happy Shopping!

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This Weekend – Learn Some History and Have Some Good Clean Fun

Glynne’s Soaps has been invited to participate in the next Second Saturday event at Fort Fisher in Kure Beach.  The event is titled “Spies, Signals and Secrets: Civil War Communication and Fort Fisher”, and promises to be a great time for all ages.

Until the last few months of the Civil War, Fort Fisher kept North Carolina’s port of Wilmington open to blockade-runners supplying necessary goods to Confederate armies inland. When Ft. Fisher fell after a massive Federal amphibious assault on January 15, 1865, its defeat helped seal the fate of the Confederacy. – NC Historic Sites

The fort is a great place to explore some of Wilmington’s rich history and this weekend will be the perfect time to do that.  There will be hands on activities such as learning how to create a cipher disk and how to use the  signal flag alphabet.  There will also be guided tours and vendors with a variety of fun and interesting items.  And best of all – it’s free!

We would love to see you Saturday at Fort Fisher.  Make plans to come an enjoy the day.  Festivities begin at 10 and go until 4.

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We had a Rain Out in National Farmer’s Market Week (but you get Free Shipping)

This week is National Farmers Market week. We attend a lot of Farmers markets.  We enjoyed attending Farmers Markets before we started Glynne’s Soaps, it was fun to walk around and see all the different items. We also enjoyed finding that special item we wanted to take home and of course we enjoyed the fresh local veggies we could enjoy each week.

Marshall at the Farmers Market

After three years of getting up early and schleping our goods to market 2-3 times a week from May to December we have a different perspective on Farmers Markets. We have a huge respect for all the people each week who work hard to bring their goods to market – on time fresh and local. But there is more, it’s the people who spend their time to coordinate the effort (these things just don’t magically happen). There are people who make sure the little details are attended to and that all the vendors are arranged and cared for. Then there are the customers, the people who come each week. They stop to say hello, even on weeks they may not need your product. They are truly the reason we get out of bed some weeks – the thought of their friendly encouragement.

Because of the recent surge in buying local in-season produce, Farmer’s Markets have experienced growth of 10% in 2012 after a 15% growth in 2011 and Glynne’s Soaps is proud to be a part of two local markets – The Carolina Beach Farmers Market and The Poplar Grove Farmers Market.

We had planned this post to go today and coincide with today’s farmers market at Poplar Grove, but unfortunately, for the second week in a row we suffered a rain out at this market. There still are a few diehard vendors that are at today’s market, but water and soap mix great for using, but not so much for selling :)

We have great hope that God will provide a dry Wednesday some day soon (not that we don’t appreciate the rain) and we’ll be back at the farmers market at Poplar Grove. However, our website is always open  and for today only we’re offering FREE SHIPPING – just use coupon code ‘RainOut’ so hop on over to www.glynnesoaps.com and we’ll ship your order to you.

Go enjoy a farmers market this week! You’ll be glad you did and so will the vendors.

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Wilmington, North Carolina – 08/05/12

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Welcome to Historic Downtown Wilmington

Gayle and I went to lunch with her cousin and his wife a few weeks ago.  They are vacationing on the coast and came to Wilmington for the day to tour around.  As we were eating, they were describing their time downtown and talking about how wonderful it is.  My first reaction was, “Really?  It’s just downtown.”, but then the more I thought about it, it really is true.  Downtown Wilmington is a great place – full of historic building, beautiful old homes, and the riverwalk is very scenic.  And I realized just how lucky we are to live here.

I mention all that because Glynne’s Soaps will be spending more time down by the river as we have just been approved to be downtown vendors.  This means we can set up a table in Riverfront Park sell our products.  We are super excited about this, especially now, that it’s peak tourist season.

We will be there this evening, across from the courthouse in Riverfront Park starting at 5pm and will be set up until it gets dark.  Come on down, enjoy the beauty of downtown and stop to see us! We will be downtown a lot of evenings this summer, just check our twitter or facebook for days and times.

If you don’t make it downtown tonight, we will be at the Carolina Beach Farmers Market tomorrow 8am- 5pm.

PS – If you have not yet voted to help us qualify for the $250,000 grant, please take a moment to do so.  We only need 38 more votes to get there!  Here are detailed instructions on how to do that.

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Wilmington, NC – 06/13/12

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Wilmington, NC – 06/06/12

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