How to Keep the Fleas Away this Spring

We have had a long cold winter.  There have been jokes, cartoons and grumblings all related to the extraordinary weather.

It seems that things are making a change toward spring.  The weather has been glorious here this week (high 70′s)! The sun is shining, folks are pulling their shorts out of storage (including us – white legs are everywhere) and the beach is calling.  Unfortunately, the warm weather brings with it fleas and all their associated problems.

Fleas are parasites that feed on the blood of their hosts by biting them.  Aside from being annoying, they also can cause skin irritation, dermatitis, and anemia.  They can also give their hosts tapeworms.  Different pets react differently to the saliva of the flea, and bites can cause severe reactions in some pets.

The bad news is that chemical flea treatments can be worse than the fleas themselves.  Tweet This.

They are full of toxic chemicals that will kill the fleas, but will also damage your pet and possibly your children or yourself.  These treatments kill thousands of pets each year.

It happened to us, and you can read our story here … but to make a long story short, Frontline killed our dog, Franklyn. This is the reason we started Glynne’s Soaps.

In addition, they can have adverse affects on humans, especially children.  Because children are more likely to pet the dog, or touch toys, floors or furniture where there might be residue and then put their hands in their mouths, they are more likely to suffer effects from the toxins.

 So, what can you do to keep the fleas away?

Because of our experience, we have developed an all natural three step process for fighting fleas.

  1. Pesticide-free Flea Treatment

    Use All Natural Soap and Fido Fresh on your dog.   Franklyn’s Soap is a good choice because it contains Eucalyptus and Tea Tree essential oils which are both great at repelling fleas.  The Tea Tree oil has the added benefit of being a natural antiseptic so it will help ease the pain and itching from any flea bites.  Fido Fresh contains a blend of essential oils that can keep the fleas at bay.  Spray it on your dog after they have been outside to keep them (and you) flea free.

  2. Treat your yard with food-grade diatomaceous earth.  We sprinkle it all over the yard.  The small sharp crystals will literally poke holes in the fleas, killing them.  It also works for other crawling bugs – roaches, ticks, bed bugs, beetles and more.
  3. If you get fleas in your house, treat with Borax.   It can be found in the grocery store with the laundry detergent.  We sprinkle the powder on the carpet, sofas, chairs, beds, etc.,  rub it in with a dry broom and let it sit for a few hours.  Then just vacuum it up.  Borax will suck out all the moisture from the fleas and kill them.

By using these all natural methods to fight fleas, you can keep your whole family safe this spring.

To celebrate the coming of spring, we are currently offering a special deal  on our website.  You can purchase a bar of dog soap and a Fido Fresh for $16.  That’s a savings of over 10% off the regular price!  Just use the coupon code SpringIsHere at checkout to get your savings.



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How Will You Celebrate Bathtub Party Day?

Today, December the 5th, is National Bathtub Party Day.  Now, before you try and decide what type of cake to make for the tub or go out looking for an oversized party hat, let me tell you that Bathtub Party Day is a day set aside to enjoy your bathtub.  Most days, we all just take a quick shower, wash everything and are done with it.  When was the last time you filled the tub and took a nice relaxing bath?  I know, I can’t remember either.

Wrigley int eh tub for Bathtub Party Day

Well, today is the day to change all that.  Today is the day to pull out the rubber ducky, light some scented candles, fill the tub and relax.  At the very least, today is the day to assemble your “bath kit” and get ready to enjoy your tub time.  I say it’s just in time for the craziness that comes with the holiday season!

And Glynne’s Soaps can help you relax! 

We have the products that will make your bath time extra special.  Here are some things you need to have to enhance your bathtub experience.

Bath Salts – made with a precise blend of sea salt, epsom salts, baking soda and therapeutic grade essential oils, when added to hot water, these bath salts will create a luxurious environment without equal.  The salts will soften your skin and the scent will improve your mood.

Our bath salts come in 4 varieties 

Tranquility – a relaxing blend of lavender and chamomile

Rejuvenation – the peppermint and eucalyptus oils will awaken and invigorate

  Rain – the calming citrus scents of lemongrass and bergamot

Aussie Rainforest – the eucalyptus oil will clear your mind and open your sinuses

Candles – these soy based candles are lead free and scented with therapeutic grade essential oils.  Their scent will enhance your bathing experience.  Get yours today in one of our special blends.

Citrus Zing – the citrus and ginger essential oils will refresh your mind

Hipp’E’ – if you like patchouli, this candle is perfect

Morning Dew – with its blend of lavender,cyprus and sage oils, this candle will transport you to the mountains

Frankincense & Myrrh – perfect for relaxing during the bustle of the holidays

Scrubs – with scents to match the bath salts, use these sensuous whipped body scrubs to exfoliate dry skin while you bathe

Soaps – pick out soap in your favorite scent to compliment your bathing experience.

And finally, to get you on your way, here are 6 steps to help you create the perfect tub experience. 

Relax and Enjoy A Glynne's Soaps Bathtub Party

1.  Temperature – The right bath temperature can make all the difference.  The ideal water temperature for a bath is 92 degrees.  When filling the tub, use your wrist as a indicator, not your hand or (as I sometimes do) your toes.  It will give you the best indication of how the water will feel when you are in the tub.

 2.  Body Scrub – Gently massaging your body with an exfoliating scrub can help you relax and keep your mind from worrying about all the things you “should be doing”.  As an added benefit, your skin will be soft and smooth.

 3.  Close your eyes – The best way to achieve true relaxation is by closing your eyes and not focusing on how badly the bathroom floor needs to be cleaned.

4.  Bath Salts – Bath salts are like external muscle relaxants.  They can help reduce inflammation and soreness.  They also will detoxify your skin and increase circulation.

5. Candles – by lighting candles and not using the harsh bathroom lights, you are telling your body and mind to relax instead of the usual morning bathroom get up and go.

6.   Music – Listening to music can aid in the relaxation process.  Just don’t drop your iPod into the tub.

Now go and have a happy Bathtub Party Day.  If you are in need of some “party favors”, head to our website.  We have what you need for yourself or to give someone the gift of a perfect bath experience.  Go directly to buy your bathtub party supplies today using coupon code ‘BathParty’ and get FREE shipping on your entire order!

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Win a Free T-Shirt

Today is National Trivia Day!  And we LOVE trivia!  So, in honor of this momentous occasion, we are sponsoring a trivia contest.  Answer these questions about Glynne’s Soaps correctly for a chance to win a t-shirt!

First – the Rules

  1. Answer the following trivia questions about us by leaving a comment.  Your comment will not be made public right away, so others can’t copy your answers.
  2. The comment with the most number of correct answers will be the winner.
  3. If there is a tie, a winner will be chosen at random from those with the same number of correct answers.
  4. The contest ends Sunday at 8 pm

Second – the Questions

  1. How did Glynne’s Soaps begin?
  2. Where does the name Glynne come from?
  3. What are two things our soaps will never contain?
  4. What do we use to kill fleas if we do get them in the house?
  5. List 3 places you can find our products

Third – GOOD LUCK!


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Help us Qualify for a $250,000 Grant

Last week I received the most incredible call. Our friend Jan Tabor (no relation) called to ask a favor. Jan and her husband Louis own the local Firehouse Subs restaurants (one very near our house). I love their roast beef sub and well, we share a last name and therefore, we’ve gotten to know them. Jan knows I do a lot with Social Media and she called to ask a favor.

They had entered a contest by Chase and LivingSocial to fuel entrepreneurs and small businesses. There is three million dollars in grant money available to twelve businesses. Each of the twelve businesses chosen will receive a $250,000 grant. To qualify for the grant, each business MUST get 250 people to vote for their business. Jan wanted to know if I would help them reach 250 votes.

Of course, I was happy to chat up my favorite sandwich and some extremely nice people! Then Jan said, you may want to apply for your business. Jenn and I talked about it, and even though the deadline was less than 10 days away, we decided to go for it and see if we could get 250 people to vote for us in nine days.

So here we are on day seven and we have gotten 174 votes!

That’s only 76 votes away from our goal. I’m not sure we really have a chance of winning the whole thing, but as my dad used to say, “someone is going to win, may as well be me.’ (As an aside my dad entered every Readers Digest and Publishers Clearinghouse giveaway, and never won a thing).

We would really appreciate your vote! (and one for our friends at Firehouse, too – if you don’t mind). Here’s how:

1- Go to


2 – Sign in with Facebook

3 – Search for Glynne’s Soaps

4 – Vote

Repeat steps 3 and 4 for “Firehouse Subs”.

Thank you!

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Mugs for Jugs giveaway and coupon

As the Mugs for Jugs event at Front Street Brewery is fast approaching, the Glynne’s Soaps staff is gearing up for the event.  Some may even say we’ve gone a little crazy!

Please plan to attend this great fundraiser for the New Hanover Medical Center Foundation’s Pink Ribbon Project which provides free mammograms and also support to people who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

The event is this Saturday, January 21st at Front Street Brewery and promises to be a night full of fun with a photo booth, raffle, dunk tank and other great activities you don’t want to miss.

In anticipation of the fun, we are giving away one of our Second Base Balms.  In order to win, all you have to do is leave a comment with a caption for the picture at the top of this post.  The funniest caption wins!  The winner will have to be able to pick up their prize at Front Street Brewery on Saturday OR at the tweetup (also at the Brewery the following Friday evening.)

Also, use the coupon code “MUGS4JUGS” to get 15% off any order placed on our website between now and Saturday night.

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Support Your Habit

Glynne’s Soaps is committed to the environment.  We strive to make sure that all our products are safe for the environment.  There are no chemical waste products during the production process or as a result of using our products.

I ran across a website run by the Global Footprint Network a few days ago that was very interesting.  It’s research showed that currently, the earth’s population is using an equivalent  of 1 1/2 earth’s worth of resources each year.  Since we don’t have more than one earth, we need to do something to slow down the rate of consumption.  It also has a calculator function which you can use to calculate your own ecological footprint.You can then get tips about what to do to reduce your footprint.  I took the quiz and found that I use 4 planets worth of resources.  One tip I was given was to reduce the amount of food I eat that is transported in.  That can be difficult, but in a few weeks when the Pleasure Island Fresh Market starts up, I’m sure it will be easier to find local foods.

We would like to challenge you to discover your ecological footprint.  Go to the Global Footprint Network’s calculator and take the quiz.  There is a basic version, which is quicker or a more detailed version which takes a bit more time.  (Warning – there is sound as well.)  Even the detailed version didn’t take more than 10 minutes.  When you are done, come back here and leave a comment with one thing you can do to reduce your footprint.  On March 1st, we will choose one comment at random and that person will win a $10 gift certificate to our website.

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Free time

Fort Fisher Aquarium

Jenn, or soapmaker, is out of the office today taking her volunteer training at the North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher.  Jenn is very excited about being able to volunteer with the aquarium. Jenn’s undergraduate work is in Biology and we both have a love of nature and all things natural. While Jenn was out of the office today, I started to think about two recent conversations.

A few weeks ago, I had jury duty, and a fellow prospective juror asked if I had pets. When I answered that we have two dogs, three cats, a bird, a turtle and fish she asked if I charged admission to our zoo. Of course, we don’t charge admission but we also think we don’t have an extraordinary situation. You see each of the pets found us, we were just open to accepting them into our lives (except the fish, we purchased them). Rescuing animals is a labor of love!

Last week we had dinner with a very good friend, Mary Martha. We go to dinner with her a few times a month and it is always a lingering dinner with great conversation which meanders all over the map (it is one of the joys of my life – meandering conversation). In this particular conversation, Mary Martha made the comment “Y’all volunteer for everything” in response to our puzzled look, she began to list things we have volunteered for over the years. We had to admit we volunteer for a lot of different organizations and events; but we expect a lot. We expect a lot of ourselves and we expect a lot of others. We just expect that others are also volunteering to make their world a better place.

Kids don't try this at home

My blog post today is a challenge. If you are a volunteer, for any group, organization or whatever – leave us a comment. Tell us why you volunteer and how you believe it changes the world around you. If you’re not volunteering right now, I encourage you to find a cause and give some of yourself. Tell about your choice in a comment. On April 30th we will choose a winner from all the comments and send you a spring gift basket to say thank you for what you are doing for your community.

A person who voluntarily undertakes or expresses a willingness to undertake a service: or one who renders a service or takes part in a transaction while having no legal concern or interest – this is how Webster defines a VOLUNTEER. If you have trouble finding your volunteer niche send me an e-mail glynne AT and I will send you some links to worthy organizations.

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Spring has Sprung

The last few days have been beautiful – warm, sunny  Spring days. Although here in Southeast North Carolina with temperatures topping 88 degrees, some of us feel we have just sprung into summer!  These beautiful days you want to spend as much time outside as possible.  Unfortunately, nice warm days also bring the summer bugs.  I got my first mosquito bite yesterday while spending some time enjoying the weather.

Of course, in our house, we are far more concerned with how the bugs affect our four-legged fuzzy children than we are with how they bother us.  Spring weather means fleas.  If you haven’t read the story about our fight against the flea, check it out here and here.   We have successfully been able to win the war against fleas will all natural products.  Products that are safe for our dogs, ourselves and the environment.  This is our battle plan:

First, we use an all natural soap to bathe our boys regularly.  Franklyn’s is a good choice because it contains Eucalyptus and Tea Tree essential oils which are both great at repelling fleas.  The Tea Tree oil has the added benefit of being a natural antiseptic so it will help ease the pain and itching from any flea bites.  Roxy’s is also very effective at fighting fleas.  If you can’t decide, you can always get a sample stack which includes a one ounce bar of each of our dog soaps.

To get rid of any fleas in the house, we use Borax.  It can be found in the grocery store with the laundry detergent.  We sprinkle the powder on the carpet, sofas, chairs, beds, etc.,  rub it in with a dry broom and let it sit for a few hours.  Then just vacuum it up.  Borax will suck out all the moisture from the fleas and kill them.

For the outside, we use food grade diatomaceous earth.  It is very important to buy the food grade material and not what you find at a pool store.  The diatomaceous earth at the pool store contains silica which makes the dust harmful if inhaled.  We sprinkle it all over the yard.  The small sharp crystals will literally poke holes in the fleas, killing them.  It also works for other crawling bugs – roaches, ticks, bed bugs, beetles and more.

We have been using this approach for the past year and a half and have had less problems with fleas then ever before.  We encourage you to fight fleas all naturally this year.  You, your pet and your environment will be better off. In our next post we will discuss the options for dealing with the pesky bugs which are out to bite you.

On another note, it is time to announce the winner of our Soap on the Run contest.  Congratulations to Amy whose comment was “I bought my first soap at the WB marathon expo and I love it. I am a walker not a runner so I will walk (but very fast) away from the soaps I have been currently using. Thank you for producing a product that I can buy locally.”  Send us an e-mail Amy with your address so we can get you your Soap in the Run.  Thanks to everyone who entered – be on the lookout for our next contest coming soon.

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Run, Not Walk

If you are a regular reader of our blog, you probably know that our soapmaker Jenn, in addition to having her Master’s Degree in Chemistry, also aspires to be a triathlete.  So, while the name of this post is “Run, Not Walk” there are benefits to walking as well as running, especially if you are a beginner or have health or skeletal issues (aka-bad knees).  With that in mind, we encourage you to - Run, not walk, to your bathroom and read the ingredient list on the soap boxes, shampoo bottles and lotion bottles that you find.  If you see any of these words, carry the bottle to the trashcan.  All of these are alternate names for a chemical called Diethanolamine.

  • Cocamide DEA or Cocamide Diethanolamine
  • DEA Lauryl Sulfate or Diethanolamine Lauryl Sulfate
  • Lauramide DEA or Lauramide Diethanolamine
  • Linoleamide DEA or Linoleamide Diethanolamine
  • Oleamide DEA or Oleamide Diethanolamine
  • Any product containing TEA or Triethanolamine

Now I know that might be seen as a bit extreme, however I wanted to bring to your attention something that has recently caught mine. Diethanolamine (DEA) is a chemical found in most commercial soaps, shampoos and lotions.  It’s purpose is as a “wetting and thickening agent” which means that it thickens lotions and adds lather to soaps and shampoos.  Supposedly, DEA by itself is not the danger, however it will combine with other chemicals to form a compound called nitrosodiethanolamine (NDEA) that is not so nice.  NDEA is easily absorbed by the skin and has been linked to liver, bladder and stomach cancer.  The other listed chemicals are also considered toxic.

As more research is performed, the hazards of DEA are coming to light.  A study done at UNC and reported in Science Daily showed that DEA inhibits brain development in fetuses.  It also inhibits a body’s ability to absorb the nutrient choline which is essential for cell growth.  Pregnant women who can’t absorb enough choline can’t pass this nutrient on to their babies who in turn will not be able to develop properly.  Scientists are quick to say that the amounts of DEA needed to interfere with brain development are higher than what is routinely absorbed from personal care products, but why take that risk?  Why knowingly use something on our bodies that will cause us harm when there are alternatives?

Glynne’s Soaps has the alternative.  All of our all natural soaps and lotions are free from any harsh chemicals.  The soaps are specially formulated to have a great lather, without the use of chemical “wetting agents” such as DEA.  If you had to throw out all your soap in the beginning of this blog, give us a try!

Don’t forget to comment on last week’s post “Soap on the Run” and enter to win some Soap on the Run.

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Soap on the Run

The Glynne’s Soaps R&D group has been jumping lately.  It seems that there are quite a few new all natural products that are available now, or will be available soon.  We thought we’d take a minute to give you a sneak peak at what’s coming this spring.

Our first new and exciting product is called “Soap on the Run”.

Soap on the Run

It’s an all natural soap, scented with eucalyptus and tea tree essential oils.  The best part about this soap is that it comes in its own container.  You can toss it in your gym bag, overnight bag, travel bag or desk drawer at work.  When you hit the showers, you have a safe gentle all natural soap that is great for your skin.  You don’t have to worry about a plastic bag full of slimy soap that is disintegrating and becoming unusable.  You won’t lose sleep wondering if your liquid soap is small enough to pass airport security yet large enough for you to use it your entire trip.  You won’t have to be concerned about what harsh chemicals and nasty preservatives are in the soap dispenser at the gym.  You will know that the soap you carry is all natural and good for you in a container that won’t set off alarms or leak all over your bag.  Going along with that, the essential oils used to scent “Soap on the Run” are great for active people.  Eucalyptus oil is the best all natural remedy for soothing sore, tired and achy muscles.  It also will combat mental fatigue.  Because it is an antibacterial, it is used as an all natural deodorant.  Tea tree oil is a natural therapy for bacterial and fungal skin ailments including acne, oily skin, athlete’s foot, insect bites and dandruff.  The next time you need an all natural soap that you can take with you, get some Soap on the Run.

But Soap on the Run is not the only thing that is new at Glynne’s Soaps.  We also have developed a soap that we are calling “man soap”.  It’s a manly sized bar, with 12 oz of soap scented with Grapefruit and Eucalyptus essential oils.  Man Soap is currently in the human and animal testing phase of Glynne’s Soaps R&D process.  (This means that we have given some to friends of ours and they are using it and giving feedback.)  It will hopefully be available on our website soon.

We have also developed a new scent that is currently available at festivals and will soon be available online.  It is called “Rejuvenation” and is a refreshing combination of Peppermint and Eucalyptus essential oils.

Our last new venture is still in the Glynne’s Soaps laboratory, but should be available for testing soon.  It is something we are very excited about – bath fizzies!  Be on the lookout for this and all our other new products.

On another note, it is time again for our monthly contest.  Thank you to everyone who entered last month’s contest!  We loved learning about your passions and what inspires you.  If you weren’t sure what your passion is, hopefully we encouraged you to find it and do something about it.

Now, on to our winner -

According to the random number generator which spit out the number 5, our winner is Jessica P. who wrote, “I am passionate about art. I am always thinking of new ideas to make and create…”

Thanks for entering our contest Jessica, and congratulations!  Please contact us via the “Contact Us” page of our website and we will discuss how to get you your soaps.

For those of you who didn’t win, thanks again for sharing your passion.  Feel free to head on over to our website and purchase some soap for yourself.  You might as well be clean while pursuing your passion.  Or afterward, as some of you expressed that gardening and digging in the dirt was what you enjoyed.

This month, leave a comment letting us know where you would most like to travel, taking a container of “Soap on the Run” with you (of course).  Leave your comment before April 7th.  The winner will receive a container of “Soap on the Run”

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