What is Your Passion?

Both Gayle and I recently finished a book called The Passion Test, by Janet Atwood.  It has given us lots to talk about and think about concerning what we consider to be our passions in life.

Obviously, Glynne’s Soaps is a passion for both of us, but not just because it is our business and livelihood.  There is a reason that we are passionate about all natural soaps, and if you spend any time with us at all I’m sure you find that out fairly quickly.

There is so much stuff out there that people take for granted.  ”If it wasn’t safe, my vet wouldn’t be selling it”  ”If it was harmful, you couldn’t buy it at the grocery store.”  But that isn’t always the case.  Topical flea treatments are concentrated pesticides.   Soap (actually most of it is detergent, not true soap) that you buy at the grocery store is full of harmful chemicals.  We’ve discussed the whys and hows many times before, so I won’t repeat all of it.  But it is the reason we are passionate about all natural.  It is safer for you and your pets.  We want to make sure that you and your pet live long, healthy and happy (and clean!) lives.

Of course, we have other passions.  We are passionate about dalmatian rescue and participating in agility with Wrigley.  Gayle is passionate about social media, and Jenn is passionate about participating in triathlons.  But our main focus is on creating a quality product that is safe for you, your family and your pets.

What are you passionate about?  Leave a comment and let us know.  Everyone that leaves a comment, letting us know at least one thing they are passionate will be entered into a drawing to win a free sample stack of Glynne’s Soaps (including shipping).  The winner will be chosen on March 3rd.

About Glynne's Soaps Staff

The collaborative efforts of the Glynne's Soaps owners, Gayle Tabor and Jenn Beddoe (occasionally with the help of Wrigley & Marshall). Learn more about them at http://glynnesoaps.com/the-company
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33 Responses to What is Your Passion?

  1. Glynne says:

    Forgot to mention our last month’s contest winner was Kaye Lavin. Congratulations, Kaye!

  2. Nicole says:

    I’m passionate about a few things but this time of year I like to focus on Hot Tea. I have a collection of different flavored loose leaf blends and am always looking for new flavors to try.

  3. Mike says:

    The geek in me loves analyzing environmental policy. The rest of me is pretty passionate about surfing.

  4. Hazel says:

    I’m passionate about gardening. Love to watch things grow. The exercise is good for my mind, body and soul. Although I grow several things indoors, I’m ready for Spring. I need to dig my fingers into some dirt!

  5. Beth says:

    I’m passionate about gardening, too. I can hardly wait until Spring! I love the warmth and smell of the dirt, and get great satisfaction out of growing veggies and flowers!

  6. Jessica P. says:

    I am passionate about art. I am always thinking of new ideas to make and create…

  7. DogsMom says:

    I am also passionate about pet rescue, but since I am experiencing a bit of winter weariness and dreaming of spring I will tell you another of my passions – Garage Sales! I consider it exercise entertainment on a budget. Most of what I buy are for the animals, but the hunt for a bargain is 100% my pleasure and passion.

  8. Glynne says:

    Hi Dog’s Mom

    We also are passionate about rescue! We actively participate in Dalmatian Rescue but wish we could save every animal.

  9. Glynne says:

    Hazel, I wish I could be passionate about gardening! Unfortunately, my brown thumb tends to steal the joy :)


  10. Glynne says:

    Hi Beth

    I’m passionate about Spring & warm weather…especially right now when it’s so cold!

  11. Glynne says:

    I really appreciate all your environmental work, Mike! What a fabulous cause…keep up the wonderful work, after all we only get one earth.

  12. Glynne says:

    I wish I were a more talented artist. At Glynne’s Soaps we tend to be less traditional artist. We still get excited about it!

  13. Brandi R says:

    I am passionate about weddings, bridal and bunnies!!

  14. sara says:

    I’m passionate about my children!

  15. Kristi Hayes says:

    Due to the nature of my occupation, I am passionate about educating women on the importance of getting yearly mammograms. Many women do not know that increasing age is the #2 risk factor for breast cancer.

  16. Diane L. says:

    I am passionate about filling shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child every year!

  17. Krista W says:

    I am passionate about my family. I work hard every day to be a good mother and wife. They are my life and I love them with all my heart!

  18. Carol Welch says:

    Passion. That which stirs the soul to action.


    Blogging…I have five! omg!

    Reading…especially about people’s lives.

    People…each person has a story to be honored.

    Children….let them be children!!

    Interdependence….ripples make a difference.

    Autonomy….the freedom to be, in context with interdependence that is.

    Purple….the color.

    Green….the other color.

    Family…my hubbie and kids ~ speechless.

    Relationships…with myself, others, my environment.

    Shall I go on? lol

    Baths. Soap. Scents. Touch. Art. Poetry. Warmth. Cold. Snow. Sun. Sleep. Dreams. Hiking. Nature. Music.

    Thanks for the fun blog entry!!!

    Silver linings,
    ~carol (aka 1person)

  19. cindi says:

    While there are many things I’m passionate about, the one that has really taken over my life this year is the passion to know my Savior more. I have been spending more time in prayer and the Bible and have been trying to find myself in the center of God’s will.

  20. Sara says:

    My passion is my family. Also I have recently discovered sewing, which I love.

  21. Janeen says:

    I try to be passionate about my Christian faith and family!

  22. Vicki Wurgler says:

    I’m passionate about cooking and food-I love both!

  23. Dee says:

    I am passionate about older child adoption. I adopted my daughter from Russia when she was 13 and my son from Kazakhstan when he was 10. They are now 18 and 13, and doing great. I encourage everyone to consider adopting an older child, whether domestically or from abroad.

  24. kari says:

    I am passionate about living green.

  25. Brandy says:

    I am passionate about gardening! Nothing like feeding your family things that are grown fresh in your garden and the creations that can be made with them!

  26. Christina says:

    I’m very passionate about learning and reading! This includes the fields in which I’ve worked, poetry, art, journalism and TV production. Currently I’m passionate about creating collages to show in galleries, and writing music and movie reviews for online sites! I am also very passionate about animals: I have many parrots and have loved birds ever since my father helped me raise a meadowlark when I was ten (whose mother and siblings were killed in their nest during a storm). I also have a beautiful German-Shepherd Husky mix, Birdie, whom I inherited from my mother, who is loyal, sweet, intelligent and compassionate, and a Russian Blue cat named Miss Kittica Kitty! I love all of God’s creatures (humans included!) and am passionate about them!

  27. Laura says:

    I’m passionate about animals and the natural world. I’d love to have some goats or chickens someday!

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  29. Jayne says:

    I’m passionate about COOKING! I love to cook. it’s my mode of relaxation and a way of expressing my creativity and love for those I cook for. Mostly, I cook for others so that makes me wanna do better with each every try. I love to meld flavours together, try new stuff, come up with the quirkiest pairings and see if they work. LOL… my poor hubby.

  30. Sarah Coulsey says:

    I am passionate about alot of things. My Family, My Blog, My Reading, My house. I try to spend as much time as I can with it all. I love to read. That is my escape from the world!!!

    sarahcoulsey03 at gmail dot com

  31. Charmed says:

    I’m passionate about my kids, and making sure my elderly parents live out their lives they way they want, not the way others think they should!

  32. Reyna says:

    I am passionate about my horse, Bailee! Thanks for the giveaway!

  33. kk says:

    I am passionate about being the best person I can be and encouraging others as well.