How To: Make A Great Experience for You and Your Dog on Public Outings

Most of our readers probably know we are dog people! We treat our dogs like family (maybe even better)! If you have ever encountered us in the real world, or in the virtual world (i.e. Facebook or twitter) you probably know that Marshall, one of our rescue Dalmatians, goes with us everywhere. He is the market mascot at several of the area farmers markets and heaven forbid that we ever go to an event without him….where’s Marshall is all we hear.

It seems obvious for me to say that Marshall is a dog that loves people and other dogs. Without an easy going temperament we could never take him to all the places we do. He relishes being petted by the smallest or the oldest. We are oft amazed at the number of elderly, dressed to the nines, obviously wealthy women who will sit on the ground and be wollered by Marshall. He’s just that kind of personality.

However, a couple of weeks ago we encountered a situation. An off leash dog was walking around a market. While it’s owner shopped at a nearby tent, this dog decided to challenge Marshall in our tent.Marshall Isn’t extremely territorial about the tent, but he does recognize it as his space. When an issue arose, the other owner responded with the typical “my dog is friendly response”.

An uncontrolled friendly dog can be just as much of a menace in public as an aggressive or fearful dog. 

Recently I discovered this great educational graphics by Lili Chin I think they do a great job of explaining animal behaviors to humans.

We keep a yellow ribbon tied to our other rescue, Wrigley’s leash. He is a fearful dog. He is a large dog. He can behave as an aggressive dog because of his fear.

If you are taking your dog in public, even if it’s just as walk around the neighborhood, be aware of not only your own dog and his/her issues or non-issues but also all the dogs around you and how they may interpret you and your dog or any issues they may have.

Alert and Aware

If you stay alert and aware while you and your canine companion enjoy your adventures, you both will come home happier and healthy.

Marshall can’t wait to see you at our next event!

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One Response to How To: Make A Great Experience for You and Your Dog on Public Outings

  1. Martha McDaniel says:

    Great article! I am terrified of large dogs! I have to get to know them first!