The Habit of Recycling

The staff of Glynne’s Soaps is giving up trash for Lent.  Well, in a manner of speaking…..

The practice of giving up something for Lent has religious beginnings, but is often used by people just wanting to start a new habit or eliminate an old bad habit.  It is meant to be a serious undertaking,  however some people joke about it.  The  10 year old son of a friend of ours decided to give up school for Lent.   Not quite the point, but cute none the less.

As a company, Glynne’s Soaps has decided to literally give up trash for the season.  What does this really mean?  It means we are going to make a more concerted effort to recycle everything we can.

 The average American discards 4.4 pounds of garbage every day.  

To let you know how much garbage this is - If we put all of the solid waste collected in the U.S. in a line of average garbage trucks, that line of trucks could cross the country, extending from New York City to Los Angeles, more than 100 times!  That’s a lot of garbage.  And that number can be reduced by recycling.  On average, each American recycles one item every year.  I don’t know about you, but I know I consume more than one can or bottle of soda or water every year, so there is a lot out there that is not being recycled.  To add to the impact of that -

Every aluminum can that is recycled generates enough energy to power a TV for 6 hours.  

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Think about that while you are tossing that can in the trash.

We used to be a lot better about recycling.  And it showed in the amount of trash we had for the garbage men each week.  But, I got lazy and just decided to start tossing it all in the garbage can.  And again, it make a noticeable difference, this time in a negative way.  So we are taking this time to make a concerted effort to renew and increase our recycling efforts.

In addition to recycling, 34% of the trash tossed out each year could be composted, creating nutrient rich soil for gardens and flower beds.  For Christmas I got a compost bin.

It sits on the kitchen counter and I put all my veggie scraps in it, along with coffee grounds, egg shells and the insides of tea bags…..well, everything organic I would potentially toss out.  It has made composting so much easier!  I love using it. You can learn more about composting at How to

Recycling in a lot of areas is easy. It’s just a matter of putting recyclables in the recycle bin as opposed to the regular garbage. However, because our area does not offer curbside recycling, we must make a greater effort. To do this, we separate our glass, plastic and paper into separate bins. We have found it easier to make a weekly trip to the recycle station (it’s a very short drive and a location we pass regularly). With a little planning we can deposit our recyclables without an extra trip. Here is a great site with information on what can be recycled and where in your area to take your recyclables.

Experts say it takes 21 days to make a habit.  Our Glynne’s Soaps goal for the next 40 days is to recycle or compost everything we can and turn it into a habit.  One that will have a positive effect on the environment.

What are some ways that you recycle and have a positive impact on the environment?  Let us know in the comments!



About Jenn, the Glynne's Soaps Soapmaker

Jenn has a Master's Degree in Chemistry from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. After the tragedy of pesticides struck her dog, Jenn left her job of several years in Research and Development for a pharmaceutical company, to start Glynne's Soaps.
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