How To Tuesday: Natural Weed Killer

It’s that time of year – things are blooming all over the place.  Most of the time you are happy to see the blooms, they are beautiful, a sign that warmer days are coming.  Like a lot of people we started to plant a few herb and such to celebrate the arrival of spring! Last week while planting said herbs, we made a short jaunt to Home Depot for some potting soil (we prefer to buy locally but we needed the soil and Home Depot is less than a mile from us). We were SHOCKED at the number of carts full of pesticides and weed killers!  We used to be ‘those people’. There are some blooms that you don’t want to see.  They crop up in the cracks in your driveway, up against the house and other unwanted places.

So, you do like most people and head to Home Depot for some weed killer.  And you read the instructions on the back, don your gloves, face mask and other protective equipment and get started. You might worry a little (or a lot) about what you’ve just sprayed where your kids and pets play or perhaps you even give a fleeting thought to the ground water (we have a well so we were always concerned about contaminating our well), but you have to get rid of the weeds, don’t you?

pesticide-free Weed Killer

pesticide-free Weed Killer

Well, we have discovered a better way!  One that will kill the weeds, but not harm you,  your family, your pets or the ground water.  And, I’m pretty sure you don’t even have to go to the store to get supplies.

What is this wonder cure?  Boiling salt water.  All you need to do is bring some water to a boil, add salt and pour over the offending plants.  One word of caution however, this will kill everything it comes in contact with, so don’t pour it on things you want to keep.  But it is a very effect way to get rid of those things that are growing in the wrong places, without using harmful pesticides.

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  1. Pam Whitesides says:

    You can also use white vinegar – put it in a sprayer and spray away. It doesn’t hurt pets, children or you. It will kill green stuff, so be careful. And it smells like you are dyeing Easter eggs!