How To Tuesday: Balance an Egg on its End (or make a memory)

This morning Jenn asked me to look over her ‘How To Tuesday’ post for today and take a photograph. This lead to a discussion about the post and how it was something we wanted to try but had not actually tried (we will and then you get THAT post). We batted around another idea and were prepping for the photo when I remembered that on the vernal equinox, AKA the First Day of Spring; you can stand an egg on its end (or at least that’s what my momma told me).

Perhaps eggs can be balanced other days of the year. I have never tried to balance one on July 20th or any day other then the vernal equinox.  There are plenty of websites that will tell you this is an ‘old wives tale’.  What I do know it that it was something we did when I was a kid. (It had to have been before I started school because my mom worked in an office after I started first grade).

So this morning I balanced an egg on it’s end!

There is no real trick to it. Just hold your finger on the top and let the yoke settle, then slowly let go. Where’s the ‘How To’ you might ask? Well, 45 years later, I remember balancing eggs with my mom. I remember waiting in anticipation for THE egg balancing day. I remember the joy of getting the egg to actually balance. So your how to today is about how to make a day special enough that your child will remember it 45 years later because I think of it EVERY year on the first day of spring.

Spend some quality time with your children today since in the end it is the memories of what you did together that they will remember.

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