Finishing my first triathlon

You know that feeling?  The one you get when you are waiting for an answer, something that, if you get it, will help you fulfill one of your lifelong dreams?  It’s excitement and nerves all rolled into one.

Well, that is the way I’ve been feeling for the past few weeks.  And now that the deadline to receive my answer is fast approaching…it’s really all I can think about.

You see, on February 1st, Gayle read a blog post about the Brambleberry Athletic Club and immediately called me in to read it. Brambleberry, a soap-making supply company donates 5% of their profits every year to various nonprofits and has decided that part of that money in 2012 will be used to sponsor between 6-10 athletes and the charities that benefit from the events they participate in.

I immediately set about filling out my entry form.  The big event that I am participating in this year is the Beach2Battleship Iron Distance Triathlon that is held here in Wilmington on October 20th, 2012.  The proceeds of this event benefit the Wilmington YMCA and their “We Build People” campaign.  This campaign offers programs and services such as kids summer camps and adult education program for people who otherwise couldn’t afford it.  I think the YMCA does some great work for the community and I am happy to be able to play a part in raising funds for this organization.

I am planning on participating in the triathlon either way, but it would be great to have the entry fee paid plus extra money to donate to the cause.  I will also be proud to sport the Brambleberry Athletic Club shirt during and after the race.  I should know something by Feb 29th, so be on the lookout.  I’m sure you will hear my “whoops” of excitement if I get chosen!

If you want to keep up with my progress as I train for the triathlon you can follow along here.

And remember, use the coupon code THEGREATEST to receive 15% off all website orders placed before February 29th.

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Jenn has a Master's Degree in Chemistry from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. After the tragedy of pesticides struck her dog, Jenn left her job of several years in Research and Development for a pharmaceutical company, to start Glynne's Soaps.
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2 Responses to Anticipation

  1. Anne-Marie says:

    YAY! We announce the team this week. I’m rooting for you – love your testimonial about YMCA. I totally agree.

  2. Glynne's Soaps Staff says:

    Thank you! I’m on pins and needles waiting for the announcement. I’d love to be a member of the team!