How to fight fleas without pesticides

How to Successfully Win the War on Fleas


Harmful Pesticides

Fleas are nasty parasites. They attach to your dog and infest your home and family. However, sometimes the treatment is worse than the problem and this is especially true with the pesticides used to kill fleas. The treatment can kill (read more here).

You can keep your family and pets safe without pesticides!

It just takes the right knowledge and the willingness to follow the steps.

Buy the 3-step process for naturally eliminating fleas from your life.


The process explained:

1 – Treat lawn and garden areas where your dogs frequent with food grade  diatomaceous earth .  It is very important to buy the food grade material and not what you find at a pool store.  The diatomaceous earth at the pool store contains silica which makes the dust harmful if inhaled.  Sprinkle it all over the yard.  It also works for other crawling bugs – roaches, ticks, bed bugs, beetles and more.

2 – Bathe your dogs regularly with Glynne's All Natural Dog and Cat Soap. Between baths or when your dog visits an area where he may encounter fleas (dog park, beach, etc), use All Natural Fido Fresh.

3 – Treat inside your home with Borax. Sprinkle infected areas (carpets, bedding, upholstery, etc).

•  Locate carpeted areas where fleas are most likely to nest. Pay particular attention to areas where your pet spends a lot of time.

•  Conduct a spot-test on your carpet by spreading a small amount of borax on a small section of carpet and allowing it to sit for a short period of time. Check the carpet for a change of color or any other damage; if the borax appears to alter your carpet in any way, do not use it.

•  Apply a light layer of borax over the area you would like to treat.

•  Work the borax into the carpet with a broom, making sure it works down between the fibers, where fleas and their eggs are.

•  Allow the borax to sit for 2 to 12 hours, keeping children and pets away from the borax. Avoid exposing the borax to moisture.

•  Vacuum the treated area several times and empty the canister or replace the bag.


Get the 3-Step Process Kit Today

When fighting fleas it is important to understand the flea life cycle. Adult fleas you can see only represent as much as 5% of the total infestation! The remaining 95% exist as eggs, larvae and pupae growing in your home or yard. The flea life cycle can last as little as two weeks. This is why we recommend repeating treatment every 2 weeks for a six week period.

Kit includes:

1 lb of Borax

1 lb of food grade  diatomaceous earth

1 bar of Glynne's All Natural Dog and Cat Soap

1 bottle of Fido Fresh


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